Friday 20th June, 2003
The show must go on
Arabs seeing that settlements are being dismantled responded in celebration by killing a Jew and wounding two others near the city of Ophra. They shot at their vehicle causing it to overturn.
Insanity at its best in Eretz Israel.

All of Am Israel should be proud of the men, women and children who stood their ground and refused to let the army destroy their homes, because politicians decided that after our 2000 year wait and return to our land, Jews are not to live in Eastern Israel.

Our dear settlers must not use force to resist, but Jewish soldiers must refuse to tear down their homes as Arab murderers continue with daily assassinations.

Thursday 19th June, 2003
Big discounts, cheap Jewish blood.
Father of Six, Grocery store owner Avner Mordechai, 63, was killed by an Arab homicide-bomber who exploded earlier than anticipated. As Arabs continue to kill Jews and extremist groups continue to vow a continuation of terror, the idiotic Prime Minister Sharon gave orders to dissmantle Jewish homes in Eastern Israel.

Israeli politicians show contempt for their own citizens. A spinless Sharon has made it his life's mission the appeasement of those who Israel is not their main concern.

Wednesday 18th June, 2003
Sharon's murderous Peace Partners
INN: A seven-year-old Jewish girl, Noam Liebowitz, was murdered, her three-year-old sister Shira, was seriously injured, and their grandfather wounded as well, as they were attacked while driving on the Trans-Israel highway, located within Israel's pre-1967 borders. The terrorists reached the attack site by crawling under the partition fence near the Green Line.

Isaiah said our enemies and destroyes would come from within. During the Holocaust many were the Jews who were betrayed by other Jews who sold them out trying to save their own skin. Time after time we hear our elders reminding us that we are our own worst enemies. Sharon is in the worng side of the fence. He will continue to reward Arab terrorists with land concessions and weak responses. Shame befalls Am Israel.

Reagrding Israeli Arabs (oxymorron), A 16-year-old Israeli Arab turned himself in to the Israel security hours before he was set to explode in a suicide bombing. He was to receive the bomb-belt from Qualkilye. Why Transfer you ask?

Sunday 15th June, 2003
Relentless Terror
Avner Maimon, 49, from Netanya was murdered yesterday, his body found in his car next to a PA controlled area.

Friday afternoon Sgt. Mordechai Tziyada, 21 from Haifa was killed near Jenin during patrol.

The US had strong words for Sharon and Defense Minister Zeev Boim who vowed to fight to the "bitter end" against Hamas. As Bush condemned Israel, US troops hunting down Sadam Husein, killed 97 Iraqis.
Double standard??? No...(sic).

The voices of those who booed the idea of transfering the Arab population of Israel back into Jordan, are dwindeling as the concept of co-existance which they spoused comes clashing against reality; and clearly begs for the relocation of Israel's enemies outside her borders.