10. Merry Christmas, and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! (Audio)

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10. Merry Christmas, AND OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

Many people in the US military believe they are defending our way of life, and our freedom of speech and religion.  But, in fact, in 1991, our Israeli run Congress passed a bill that replaces our system.

Congress now says America's basic laws are the Noahide laws -- laws invented by Jewish rabbis.   Under the NOAHIDE laws, if anyone practices Christianity [such as celebrates Christmas], they will be tried by a court of Jewish rabbis and sentenced to death.   

Sound fantastic?  Read about the Noahide laws in a basic Jewish religious book, the Talmud -- go to Sanhedrin 56 and 57.  

The thought of killing a person for celebrating Christmas is downright un-American. That’s why our US military MUST NOT fight wars for the Jewish state, Israel.

And if you ever wondered why the Jewish Led ACLU is always trying to tear the Ten Commandments down from our public buildings – now you know. They’re preparing the way for with the artificial Noahide Laws.

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