Israeli documentary added to MUFF program!

MUFF is proud to add to tonight's program at the Bughouse Omniplex, "Relentless: the struggle for peace in Israel" a suggested addition from Michael Lipshutz and the Australian Jewish Community Council (AJCC).

This is a documentary that takes a powerful look at the current crisis facing the Jewish people in Israel. To be screened with "The Israel-Palestine Conflict: A Palestinian perspective" and the Hiroshima survivor speech on the USA.

We are delighted to add this important documentary to THE Politics of History session.

MUFF Top 10

  • IVAN'S XTC there's a fine line between success and excess
  • THE MAGICIAN for the right money he can make anything disappear
  • PIGPEN I killed my father, I ate human flesh, and I quiver with joy
  • DISINFORMATION a punk rock '60 minutes'!
  • THE BRIG "When leaving this film, one promises never to see it again. For it seems impossible to watch such a spectacle twice". - Time magazine
  • SKIN FLICK otherwise known as "Even Skinheads Get the Blues", "A Comedy of Aryans", or "No Skin Off My Ass Part Two"
  • 911 THE ROAD TO TYRANNY documented Government funded terrorism
  • CKY as important as Godard or Truffaut, just a lot less pretentious
  • RAZOR EATERS Organise. Traumatise. Immortalise.



Due to safety fears tonights screening of David Irving Documentary, "The Search for Truth in HIstory" has been cancelled. - check back soon for details

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