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Cuba State Sponsored Terrorism
      "Iran and Cuba, in cooperation with each other, can bring America
            to its knees.  The U.S. regime is very weak, and we are witnessing
            this weakness from close up."
                                   Fidel Castro, during his tour of Iran, Syria and Libya.
                                                           Agence France Press, May 10, 2001 and the Cuban Information Archives attacked by Cuban Cyber Terrorists

Vigilia Mambisa Demonstration 13 Oct 2001 in support of U.S. Anti-Terrorist Action
     Stop Cuban Terrorism
For the History of Cuba's International Terrorism by Esteban Beruvides.

Fidel Castro and his revolutionary group was one of the first
to use kidnapping for political terrorism.
 Raul Castro's 1958 kidnapping of 50
 Press Reaction to Castro Kidnap of 50 People
 Raymond Elmore Kidnapping 1958
 Kidnaping July 7, 1958

 Cubana airlines Viscount that crashed and killed 17 of 20 passengers Nov. 17, 1958
 Hijackings to Cuba: Articles about those who did it, return, fugitives.

 Cuban Support for Revolutionary MovementsA link with a great amount of factual information!

Cuba's Renewed Support of Violence in Latin America -- Dept State Report #90 1981
Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism
Castro Speaks In Tehran May 2001
Cuba's Tri-Continental Poster Propaganda Program OSPAAAL
Fugitives In Cuba Wanted by the FBI for Terrorism and other Crimes
Castro and Terrorism a Chronology 1959-1967
Terrorist Organizations With Cuba State Affiliation

[Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism, Patterns of Global Terrorism -2000, Released by the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism, April 2001.]

      Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Sudan continue to be the seven
      governments that the US Secretary of State has designated as state sponsors of
      international terrorism...

      Cuba continued to provide safehaven to several terrorists and US fugitives and
      maintained ties to state sponsors and Latin American insurgents...

      Cuba continued to provide safehaven to several terrorists and US fugitives in 2000.
      A number of Basque ETA terrorists who gained sanctuary in Cuba some years ago
      continued to live on the island, as did several US terrorist fugitives.

      Havana also maintained ties to other state sponsors of terrorism and Latin American
      insurgents. Colombia's two largest terrorist organizations, the Revolutionary Armed
      Forces of Colombia and the National Liberation Army, both maintained a permanent
      presence on the island..

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In a packed auditorium on May 9, 2001 at Tehran University, hundreds of students,
faculty, and administrators Fidel Castro addressed the throng with these words: 

"You destroyed the strongest gendarme of the region not with guns, but with
your thoughts -- and the people of the region should thank you for that,"
Castro said.  "Today, there is a king in the world a thousand times stronger
than the shah you overthrew, and that is the imperialist king living next to
my homeland. However, this imperialist king will finally fall, just as your
king was overthrown."

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