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"David Hicks has committed, it seems, thought crime against the United States and is being detained and tormented by people unaware of his rights. It's unlikely they know this, and they should be told."

Bob Ellis
(Australian writer - quoted during Writers'  Week, Adelaide Festival of Arts, March 2002 )

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Click Here for the Latest News  specifically concerning changes in the status and condition of David Hicks and other detaines and for developments in their respective legal cases. 

A second Australian citizen,  Mamdouh Habib.,  is now also detained in Camp X-Ray.

Pentagon criticised over looming Guantanamo Bay trial Sydney Morning Herald, May 24

Camp Delta lacks nothing, but freedom   Sydney Morning Herald, May 26

No request to return Hicks   News, May 29

U.S. Seeking Guantánamo Defense Staff,  New York Times May 22

Legal action explored to free Hicks The Age,  May 5th, 2003

The Forgotten Australians The Age,  May 8th, 2003

THE IMPORTANCE of being ERNEST (or ARTHUR) - What does David have in common with Earnest Hemingway or Arthur Koestler ?

Fate of Prisoners From Afghan War Remains Uncertain
New York Times, April 24, 2003

Rights missing in action and still Labor can't stop the rot..

PM 'wont help Cuba detainees'

Petition Tabled Re: David Hicks Senator Linda Kirk, Federal Parliament - March 21, 2003

ADJOURNMENT: Military Detention: Australian Citizens'
Speech to Paliament - Senator Linda Kirk - ALP

Pettion for the release of the Detainees presented to Federal Parliament
see: Media Release by Senator Linda Kirk - ALP

New revelations about Guantanamo Bay prisoners   - 3 January 2003
A recent story in the Los Angeles Times reports that at least 10 percent of the 625 war prisoners captured in Afghanistan and now held at the notorious US naval base prison in Guantanamo Bay have “no meaningful connection” with the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

Fishing, by Carl   A brief reminiscence about David

Resource site about the legal action to end the unlawful detention of those held at
Camp, X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay

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