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The Gush Shalom principles:
The Green Line (the borders of the pre 1967 war)
Will be a border of peace Between two free and sovereign states:
Israel and Palestine.
All Israeli settlers in the now occupied territories will return to Israel.
Jerusalem will be an open city, and will serve as capital to both states:
East Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine,
West Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel.
Both parties can reach a just and agreed upon solution for the tragedy
of Palestinian refugees, based on these guidelines:
Israel will acknowledge its share of responsibility for this tragedy,
and will accept, in principle, the right of return.
The refugees will be offered several possible venues of rehabilitation and compensation.
One of these venues, will allow a limited number of refugees,
the right to return To the state of Israel,
based on a formula that will maintain the Jewish majority in the state of Israel.
These principles do not offer absolute justice, but rather,
a formula which can be accepted by the majority of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.
An elaborate draft of a peace proposal

In the last weeks, The israeli army has launched a rampage into the town of Beit Hanoun.
This is a punishment action against the Palestinian civil population,
in an attempt to stop the launch of primitive rockets in the direction of Israel.
Pictures of the destruction in Beit Hanoun
We will try to update this page as often as we recieve information and images.
Last update: 10/06/03

An Invitation to Terror
Five generals took the decision to assassinate
Hamas leader Abd-al-Aziz al-Rantissi:
the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense,
the Chief-of-Staff
and the chiefs of the Mossad and the Security Service.
This military Junta is running Israel in practice -
instead of the bunch of dwarfs called Government and the group
of clowns and delinquents who have taken over the Knesset.

The aim was to bury the Road Map right at the beginning,
destroy Abu Mazen (Mahmud Abbas) and prevent the planned Hudna (truce),
in order to save the settlements,
continue the occupation and prevent the establishment of the State of Palestine.

Sharon & Co. invited violence - and violence we got.

Anyone who believes that Sharon would bring peace will believe anything.
Sharon is a man of war,
and war follows him wherever he goes.
Gush Shalom ad in "Haaretz" 13/06/03

The Campaign against The Separation Wall

Update - Mas'ha 07/06 + more picturesThe cartoon says: "They also told me to keep you clean"

"A Wall in their Heart"
An elaborate article on the wall, published in "Yediot Aharonot", Israel's largest paper.
"..."This is not oriental fantasy. "The Palestinians' fears are not unfounded," says Uzi Dayan,
"but their fears are no greater than the fears of the residents of Tzur Yigal."..."
(From the article)

A World Bank report:
The Separation Fence Will Hurt Palestinians Immensely.
An article on the World Bank report.
published in "Ha'aretz" 18/05/03
An Appeal from the Residents of Qalqiliya To the Aqaba Summit,
Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen and the International Community

The "Separation Wall" is not meant to separate Palestinians from Israelis.
(If that were so, it would have been built on the 1967 borders - the "green Line")

It is not even meant to provide security for the Israeli citizens.
(The wall is 3 times longer than needs be)

So, What is the real purpose of the wall?

Click to visit the campaign site

"I was a Human Shield"
The death of human rights activist Rachel Corrie,
crushed to death while trying to stop an IDF bulldozer,
was reason for Billie Moskona-Lerman to go to the Rafah Refugee Camp and to spend 24 hours at the most miserable place in the Gaza Strip.
A place where shooting never stops, where shells whistle by the windows,
the walls are covered with bloodstains on the walls, houses turn into ruins and people walk the streets barefooted and desperate.
She came back a different person. In a rare human document she describes her encounter with death.

With the above words, the weekend supplement of Ma'ariv newspaper (28/3/03) introduced to its readers a report,
giving a glimpse of Palestinian daily life which is very rare in the mainstream Israeli press.

Uri Avnery


To Aqaba and Back

First thoughts after the Aqaba meeting:

# Solo performance. If there had been a printed program, it would have looked something like this: "Peace in the Holy Land" by George W. Bush.
Director: George Bush.
Principal actor: W. B. George.
Music: G. W. Bush.
Mis en scene: Bush W. George.
Speeches: G.W.B.

# What makes George run? Why this sudden enthusiasm for personal intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

There is a purely political aspect: in Afghanistan, anarchy reigns. In Iraq, all the high-sounding plans about a "democratic Iraqi government" have been shelved. In the United States, ugly news-stories are circulating, insinuating that the administration deliberately deceived the public about the existence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

Bush needs an uncontested achievement in the Middle East. What could be more beautiful on television than the picture of the President of the United States standing between the Prime Ministers of Israel and Palestine with a background of blue sea and soaring palms, bringing peace to the two suffering peoples?

For this purpose, Bush has set in motion a brutal steamroller that crushes all opposition, Palestinian or Israeli. Bush practically dictated all four speeches himself.

This is not a one-day stand. It will go on until the American election in November 2004. Bush wants to be reelected, and this time with a real majority. Therefore, we shall probably be living for a year and a half in the shadow of the Bush initiative, enforced by Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. Both Israelis and Palestinians will have to conduct their business within this framework.
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Yehudith Harel
Ramat HaSharon, 16.3.2003
The Ayalon - Nusseibeh "Peoples' Voice"
The Ayalon - Nusseibeh "Peoples' Voice" - a critical reading a critical reading

The Ayalon-Nusseibeh project known as "the Peoples' Voice"

''Further fanning of the flames''
By Ash Pulcifer
8/6/03 Columnist (United States) ( -- In December of 2002,
the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press released a study titled, "What the World Thinks in 2002."
The study, containing poll results from 27 countries around the world,
examines how the global community perceives the United States.
The results of this study were shocking,
as it showed that positive attitudes toward the United States had plummeted since the election of the Bush administration.

The study, discussed in greater detail in "Fanning the flames of resentment,"
found that in 19 of the 27 countries polled, attitudes toward the United States had shifted dramatically.
From Western Europe to Latin America, genuine anger toward the United States was sharply increasing.
Most worrying, in Muslim-majority countries, feelings toward the United States had turned dangerously negative;
many Muslims believed, and still do, that the "war on terrorism" is actually a "war on Islam."

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IDF soldier
Do not commit war crimes!
War crimes will haunt you all your life, anywhere on Earth.
There is no statute of limitation for war crimes:

Download, print and distribute:
The soldiers pocket guide on war crimes. (Hebrew only)

A diary of Palestinian people under occupation,
letters and reports of ISM activists
who are here to help and witness.

Last updated at 15/04/03

The first absolutely sincere Israeli eye-witness testimony
on what actually happened in Jenin.
an interview with one of those who did it and are proud of it.
It was published in Yediot Aharonot,
Israel's most widely circulated tabloid paper, on May 31, 2002.

Apart from the shocking revelations,
this is also a startling human document.

After publication - and in spite of it -
the unit to which the man belongs
received an official citation for outstanding service
from the army command.
Read the Full interview

Join the Caterpillar campaign
The purpose of this campaign, is to stop the sales of
Caterpillar heavy bulldozers to the Israeli army.
These bulldozers are used by the Israeli army
for wide scale demolition of Palestinian homes.
A Flash Presentation of Barak's "Generous Offers".
This will help you know the facts
and thereby break the Myth
(right click on the link and choose save target as...)

and distribute.
Barak's "Generous Offers"

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The full report of Human Rights Watch on Jenin
Elaborate reports, articles and pictures, describing damage and vandalism by the Israeli army, to civil institutes throughout the West-bank.
See for yourself if this is a "war against terror", or something completely different.
Recent updates:
25/04/02 - Rammallah
26/04/02 - Educational TV
27/04/02 - Al-Naser TV studios, Ramallah
28/04/02 - many pictures of vandalism in various Ramallah offices
We are interested in more material, especially photos.
Please send any relevant material to webmaster
"Hell Made in Israel" - The continued diary of Kawther Salam -
Describing the impossible daily life of a Palestinian, a Woman, a reporter
under brutal Israeli occupation.
Last Update - 27/07/02
Pictures of graffiti of threats and hate.
Contact Kawther
Kawther's Appeal to the Democratic countries
An example of a Jewish response to Kawther's story.
Kawther was finally allowed to leave Israel
on Monday, July 29, she crossed the Alenby Bridge to Jordan
This is the continuing diary of Kawther salam in Europe:
"The Daily Life of Kawther Salam"