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Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor


July 26, 2004

1. Israeli "Haaretz" Newspaper Raises the Spectre of World War III: "If Gaza exit equals Holocaust, is Jewish terror next?

2. Hoffman analyzes the "Haartez" report: "The Mask is Falling: Ariel Sharon, Talmudic Terrorists and the Third Temple"

July 27, 2004

3. To Daniel Okrent, Public Editor, New York Times; re: Berger's Bias

4. Two Groups of Jews Defy Police Ban to Pray at Temple Mount by Joseph Berger

5. Vote Fraud: Political Conventions are Meaningless if Your Vote Doesn't Count

6. Yukos Oil and Murder in Russia

7. Letter to Hoffman defending Khodorkovsky & Hoffman's Rejoinder

"We sense that the level of threat to the Temple Mount from the standpoint of extreme and fanatic Jewish elements carrying out a terrorist attack in order to 'reshuffle the cards,' to serve as a catalyst to a change in the entire political initiative [the disengagement process] - this level has risen in recent months and more so in recent weeks."

--Israeli Public Security Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, July 24, 2004

If Gaza exit equals Holocaust, is Jewish terror next?

By Bradley Burston Haaretz (Israeli newspaper) | July 26, 2004

It has been argued, and persuasively, that the movement to settle and hold land captured in 1967, in particular the West Bank and Gaza Strip, has changed Orthodox Judaism more profoundly than any event since the Holocaust. Respected rabbis based in New York have issued Halakhic decrees forbidding any Jew from ceding even an inch of soil of the Old Testament land of Israel. Orthodox pupils from Melbourne to Mexico City and Marseilles idolize settlers as the revolutionary vanguard of contemporary Judaism's most sacred and burning cause.

In Israel, yeshiva students tied to ultra-Orthodox movements which were formed specifically to fight the concept of Zionism and which still hesitate to fully embrace concept of Jewish statehood, are among the most fervent participants in protests against territorial officials at the highest levels of the secret service and police hierarchies caution that Jewish zealots, sworn to foil the disengagement at all costs, are mulling acts of violence whose repercussions could be termed without hyperbole as cataclysmic.

The parallel talk of Holocaust and armageddon has sparked debate within Israel on the dangers of disengagement versus the risks of a concussive Jewish backlash. The argument was especially resonant this week, as Jews the world over prepared to fast for the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av. Tisha B'Av, which begins at sundown on Monday (July 26), traditionally marks a long march of catastrophic events for the Jewish people, from the anniveraries of the destruction of the First and Second Temples, through the beginning of the 1492 expulsion from Spain during the Inquisition, to the start of the deportations from the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942.

For some Israelis this week, the question at hand was this: If the pullout is likened to the 'Final Solution,' is Jewish terrorism the next step? At one end of the debate stood Amnon Shapira, a leader of Hakibbutz Hadati, the movement of Orthodox-affiliated kibbutzim, a central pillar and springboard of the settlement movement. Shapira sparked wide comment and, in some quarters, outrage, when he invoked the Holocaust in castigating fellow religious kibbutznik Yonaton Bassi for accepting Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's offer to head the government's Disengagement Admninistration. Warning Bassi that his work could result in many Jewish deaths, Shapira said Bassi would never be able to look into the eyes of loved ones bereaved and orphaned by the terrorism which Shapira said would surely result from the pullout.

When Bassi answered that his work would be limited to administering compensation for settlers, Shapira's reply was blunt: "During the Holocaust there were bureaucrats who dealt entirely with technical matters. Does that make what they did less sinful?" Spurred in part by the comments of anguished Holocaust survivors, who implored Shapira to keep the Holocaust out of the national debate over the withdrawal, Shapira telephoned Bassi on midnight Saturday to apologize.

But the floodgates had opened. Bassi was swamped with e-mails and other messages threatening him and his family, calling him a kapo and a Judenrat official despised terms for Jews who had helped to round up fellow Jews, deport them, put them to death, and sort through and dispose of their remains. "Shapira is basically telling people: `Go and kill Yonatan Bassi," Bassi told Haaretz last week. "Should Shapira continue to speak in this manner, he will be responsible for making me the next Jew to be assassinated in the state of Israel."

Israeli commentators, careful not to trivialize the possible danger to Bassi, said Sunday, July 25, the intended target could be considerably higher up. Some linked Shapira's remarks with a photo montage of Yitzhak Rabin dressed in an SS uniform, a poster distributed at a vehemently anti-government rally held in Jerusalem days before a Jewish extremist gunned down the then-prime minister in a bid to end his peace moves."As far as extremism in word and deed is concerned, we ain't seen nothing yet," said political commentator Emmanuel Rozen...

Anxiety over an Extremist Fringe

To be sure, the overwhelming majority of anti-disengagement forces staunchly opposes the use of violence to advance their agenda. Settlers point to a series of peaceful mass protests, culminating in a "human chain" of more than 100,000 demonstrators that stretched Sunday evening from the Gaza Strip to the Western Wall.

At the same time, some of the most vocal opponents of the disengagement plan have openly admitted their fears that an extremist fringe could turn its anti-pullout fervor in a deadly direction. Over the past week, the head of the Shin Bet was quoted as telling legislators that in the wake of the disengagement initiative, that there at present a few dozen right-wing extremists backed by as many as 200 supporters, who "want to see the prime minister dead."

Public Security Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, who oversees the police, took reporters aback Saturday night by telling a national television audience: "We sense that the level of threat to the Temple Mount from the standpoint of extreme and fanatic Jewish elements carrying out a terrorist attack in order to 'reshuffle the cards,' to serve as a catalyst to a change in the entire political initiative [the disengagement process] - this level has risen in recent months and more so in recent weeks."

Among the potential operations cited by security sources were a bid to crash an explosives-laden drone into the Temple Mount, or launching a manned suicide mission to plow a light plane into masses of Muslim worshippers there.

World War III

Just what such an attack might mean was set out by lawmaker Ehud Yatom, a member of the hawkish wing of the Likud and a strong opponent of the disengagement plan. In 1984, Yatom was a commander of the Shin Bet manhunt that seized members of the "Jewish Underground" of religious militants just before the group was to mount a multiple bombing on the sacred Mount.

If an attack were to harm the Muslim shrines of Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock, the result would pit "the entire Muslim world against the state of Israel and against the Western world, a war of religions," Yatom said.

"With all of the pain and suffering they have caused, today's terrorist attacks would be nothing compared to what could happen, it could even mean World War III."

A product of nearly 2,000 years of Jewish liturgy and the Messianic fervor set in motion by the 1967 war, the image of the mosques of the Muslim Noble Sanctuary replaced with a rebuilt Temple is a recurrent one in posters and rhetoric of Jewish extremist groups.

Muslim militants, for their part, have used the Third Temple imagery to advance claims that Israel's true goal is to do mortal harm to the mosques. More than six months ago, Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter issued the first public warning of the renewed threat to attack the Muslim shrines.

Speaking of the "extremists dream to remove the 'abomination' as they call it, from the Temple Mount," Dichter declared that Jewish terror could pose a significant strategic threat to Israel as well as the Jews of the Diaspora, "turning the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians into a confrontation between 13 million Jews and one billion Muslims around the world."

Yehuda Etzion, one of the leaders of the 1980s plot to blow up the Dome of the Rock, the gilded, jewel-like mosque at the heart of the Temple Mount compound, remained chillingly unapologetic Sunday about his group's aim. "The Dome of the Rock is the wrong structure in the wrong place at the wrong time, because it is right and proper that our Third Temple should stand there," he told (Israeli) Army Radio.

Asked if he would turn in others who now wished to carry out an attack on the Temple Mount in order to thwart the disengagement, Etzion declined to answer directly. "Losing one's patience after so many years of distortion is something understandable," he said. "Is this a proper act? First of all, it is proper. On the other hand, it is unproper as an act to thwart the disengagement. If it is proper, it is proper for its own sake, in and of itself."

[End Quote]

The Mask is Falling: Ariel Sharon, Talmudic Terrorists and the Third Temple

by Michael A. Hoffman II

Copyright 2004 by

For the time being, Zionist terrorism has been largely confined to Israeli state terrorism against Palestinian civilians. An even more virulent strain, operated by Talmudic vigilantes, rosh yeshiviot, and "settler" enclaves has been largely restrained by the string of unprecedented victories these forces have achieved in the past decade, not the least of which has been the rise of settler-patron Ariel Sharon to leadership of the Israeli state, and the blank check President George W. Bush has accorded Sharon.

In the groupthink of the American media and the US government only "radical Islamists" pose a significant terror threat to us, when in fact, any high-level American official or high-visibility news executive who was to seek to abolish illegal Zionist settlements on occupied Palestinian land would quickly become targets of Zionist terrorism and assassination.

The preceding Haaretz report details the world-historic Zionist terror threat to the Haram al-Sharif (Dome of the Mosque) on what Judaics refer to as "the Temple Mount," where the Zionists and their allies in Freemasonry have for centuries dreamed of building the Third Temple of Solomon.

The fact that Sharon, himself a lunatic Zionist and mass murderer of Arabs, is now the subject of threats on his life from the lunatic-Talmudic faction among Israelis, is not evidence that he is becoming a good guy, but rather of the depths of extreme exclusivist psychosis that prevails among the religious-nationalist, "settler" rabbis who blithely issue permits for murder, are on the verge of decreeing Sharon a "din Rodef" (the same halakhic status assigned to Yitzhak Rabin before he was killed by a Talmudist). When it comes to designs on Palestine, Sharon is not that different from his rabbinic critics; the two parties differ in tactics, not strategy. Both have the same objective: an Eretz Israel. But Sharon is more cunning and patient; he wishes to maintain a sophisticated propaganda front and to move like a chess player toward the goal.

To the Talmudists, such tactics display a lack of faith in Hashem ("The Name" for their god). The Talmudists are increasingly gaining the upper hand in Washington D.C. and the Israeli state and the depth of their insanity and proclivity for terrorism is undreamed of. While Sharon's terrorism is a product of Zionism and slightly amenable to diplomatic pressure and concern for the Israeli economy, the settlers' terror is unbridled and unbounded because it is predicated on the Judaic root (Talmud & Kabbalah) and not the branch (Zionism).

The world has been spared the full brunt of the terror of the Talmudists, only because they have been repeatedly given almost every major concession which they have demanded.

Muslim extremists could be placated by the same means, though the kosher conservatives would scream "appeasement." Now that Sharon-the-chessplayer's gambit of making the huge settlements permanent in the West Bank, by shutting them down in the Gaza region (the old, "two steps forward, one step back" ploy) -- is being opposed, we observe the emergence of the settlers' Talmudic terror apparatus in ever heightened detail.

This is not to say that the Israeli state is not founded upon and sustained by secular Zionist terror, the daily reality of all Palestinians, any one of whom (with the possible exception of Arafat), may be murdered at any time with no meaningful intervention by the Arab governments or the West. This Israeli license to kill is formidable and certainly constitutes state terror. But the essential difference lies in the fact that the West does not recognize as terrorism, the mass murder of civilians perpetrated by the Israeli state.

The West will only be compelled to recognize and report the reality of Israeli terrorism when that terror emanates from the type of Judaic vigilantes and paramilitaries described in the Haartez report. In other words, the all-important Judaic public relations image is at risk, to say nothing of the risk to world peace and the rise of mass Islamic armed resistance should the Talmudic fanatics succeed in mounting an attack on the mosque at the Dome of the Rock, thus fulfilling the fervent dream of not only Freemasons but the denizens of the Fundamentalist Churchianity that forms the electoral base of George W. Bush.

But take heart -- there is a hidden advantage to this apocalyptic scenario -- anytime, by whatever means, the mask of benevolence and humanitarianism can be made to fall from the terrifying visage of Judaism and Zionism, mankind is greatly benefited. Should the Talmudic settler zealots undertake a campaign not limited to the usual terror and assassination, but including the bombing of the Dome of the Rock mosque, the mask will fall, irreparable harm will be done to the Zionist imperium, and Americans will at long last witness that radical Judaic terrorism which their leaders, reporters and churchmen have been ever desperate to conceal.

HOFFMAN is co-author of The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians.

To Daniel Okrent, Public Editor, New York Times; Re: Reporter's's Bias

In the article reproduced below from the July 27 N.Y. Times, reporter Joseph Berger gives the distinct impression that "violence of the Arabs" precludes the exercize of Jewish religious rights on the Temple Mount; in support of this fallacy he quotes Daniel Kaszovitz, "To avoid friction, they're holding back the religious freedom of the Jews rather than stopping the violence of the Arabs." You will note that Mr. Berger does not quote any opinion to counter that of Mr. Kaszovitz.

But more telling by far, is the fact that in order to give the erroneous impression of "Arab violence" restricting Judaic religious freedoms, Berger reports Ariel Sharon's notorious visit to the Temple Mount in 2000, while suppressing the datum that a score of Israeli Arabs were shot to death by Israeli forces during Sharon's provocative visit. Instead of reporting this history of Israeli violence against Arabs, Berger whitewashes the record, the better to make a highly partisan editorial point disguised as an objective news article. I quote from Berger:

"But the news coverage stirred fears that on Tisha B'Av there would be the kind of violence that broke out in September 2000. That was when Ariel Sharon, then running for prime minister, paid a visit to the sacred plaza and rioting ensued. Trouble, too, occurred on Tisha B'Av 2001, when Muslims hurled rocks at thousands of Jews praying at the Western Wall below."

Berger refuses to report that more than a dozen Arabs were killed during Sharon's visit, while being certain to state that in 2001, "Muslims hurled rocks at thousands of Jews."

Mr. Berger's overwhelming bias in this case needs to be confronted by the New York Times. I await your response.

Sincerely, Michael Hoffman

2 Groups of Jews Defy Police Ban to Pray at Temple Mount

By Joseph Berger, NY Times, July 27, 2004

JERUSALEM, July 27 - Two groups of Jews were able to ascend toward the Temple Mount today even though police authorities officially barred visitors in order to ward off violence at a site venerated by Jews and Muslims.

On a day of sorrowful fasting that commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples, the first group, roughly 50 Orthodox men and a handful of girls, reached a police station slightly above the mount itself. They were able to chant psalms and read the scroll of lamentations in a small prayer room overlooking the gilded Dome of the Rock. While this is among the holiest Islamic sites, it is where Jews believe the Temple stood.

"If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her skill; let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth if I remember thee not," they prayed fervently, reading from Psalm 137, which recounts the yearning of the Babylonian exiles for their demolished Temple.

The second group, conspicuously wearing sackcloth, trekked up a ramp and were within a tantalizing hundred feet or so of the peeling green door of the Moghrabi Gate, the standard entrance from the Jewish Quarter to the 35-acre Temple Mount plaza - called the Noble Sanctuary by Muslims.

But police officers, fearing an incitement to violence, blocked their progress. The group settled for making speeches, holding television interviews, displaying a wooden model of a third Temple, and then reading from Lamentations.

The difference in the conduct of the two groups highlights differences among Jews, particularly observant ones, toward the prospects of restoring the Temple.

People in the first group, many from the West Bank settlement bloc of Gush Etzion, tend to believe the Temple will be restored by the workings of God. They are not interested in demonstrations to provoke human intervention. Today, they simply wanted to pray as close to the Temple site as possible on a solemn anniversary, Tisha B'Av, the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av.

The second group, the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful, have condemned the Israeli government as weak for not seizing the Mount from the Muslim authorities and leveling the Dome and nearby Al Aqsa Mosque.

Believing that Jews are commanded to rebuild the Temple, this group has already hewed two 6-and-a-half-ton cornerstones, which they drove by truck through the streets of Jerusalem.

It is the Temple Mount Faithful and other militant groups that have received unwanted attention in recent days after the Interior Security Minister, Tzahi Hanegbi, on Israel's "Meet the Press," cautioned that "extremist and fanatic Jewish elements" might use terror to try to sabotage the government's plan to withdraw from Gaza - including, he said, flying a plane, Al Qaeda style, into the Temple Mount's mosques.

Mr. Hanegbi later emphasized, in a telephone interview, that his remarks were about "the readiness of fundamentalist groups to consider such an attack" but that he knew of no specific plans.

Gershon Salomon, a leader of Temple Mount Faithful, denied any such plan. But the news coverage stirred fears that on Tisha B'Av there would be the kind of violence that broke out in September 2000. That was when Ariel Sharon, then running for prime minister, paid a visit to the sacred plaza and rioting ensued. Trouble, too, occurred on Tisha B'Av 2001, when Muslims hurled rocks at thousands of Jews praying at the Western Wall below.

After the Sharon visit, the site was closed to non-Muslims then reopened in August of last year - under an agreement with the Waqf Islamic group - that allowed Jews to visit as long as they didn't pray.

The total police ban today angered more than 100 Jews who had bathed in a Mikveh, or ritual bath, to purify themselves for a visit to the Mount.

"The only people not allowed to pray are the Jews," said Daniel Kaszovitz, 34, a dentist in Jerusalem who was among the Gush Etzion group. "To avoid friction, they're holding back the religious freedom of the Jews rather than stopping the violence of the Arabs."

But after two hours, police officers allowed the lingering members to go up to the Mount, through the prayer room in the Dome compound used by Israeli police officers and by handfuls of Orthodox Jews in the past.

"It's not what we were hoping for," said Dr. Kaszovitz. "But the police in the field did their best."

[End Quote]

Vote Fraud: Political Conventions are Meaningless if Your Vote Doesn't Count

Since we're in the Republicrat/Democan silly season, I remind you of the advisory Jim Condit, Jr. gave at a conference in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this month: almost all elections that do not use voter-verified paper ballots are fraudulent, and that translates into the awesome datum that virtually all voting for office in the US (with the exception of New Hampshire and a few other regions) is rigged. For vital information on this subject, go to, as well as to Mr. Condit's own site:

Yukos Oil and Murder

Editor's Note: When Vladimir Putin first began to put the screws to buccaneer Zionist billionaires like Yukos Oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who were seeking to gain control of the Russian media and thereby manipulate national politics on behalf of the Israeli agenda, even the Zionist New York Times admitted that in the process of privatizing Russian oil, the Yukos hierarchy had committed "a few murders." The New York Times has shown no further interest in investigating the murders, as it seeks to rescue these Zionist mobsters masquerading as businessmen, from the wrath of the Russian people. Kim Murphy of the Los Angeles Times reports on new developments in the Yukos murders.

Yukos Figure Is Accused of Murder

Russian prosecutors escalate their case against the oil giant, charging an exiled billionaire shareholder with two killings.

By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times, July 27, 2004

MOSCOW Prosecutors raised the stakes Monday against the Russian oil company Yukos, charging that billionaire shareholder Leonid Nevzlin had organized two murders and at least three attempted murders targeting perceived enemies of the company.

The accusation marks a serious escalation in what had mainly been a case of tax evasion and fraud against senior shareholders of the Russian oil giant. Nevzlin, who is in self-imposed exile in Israel, was the closest confidant of former Chief Executive Mikhail Khodorkovsky and was first deputy chairman of the governing board of Yukos' biggest subsidiary, Yukos-Moscow. He fled Russia and obtained Israeli citizenship late last year.

In a statement released Monday, the general prosecutor's office said it had "direct evidence" that Nevzlin gave instructions to former Yukos security chief Alexei Pichugin for the 2002 killing of a former associate and his wife, and also for three attempted killings, including the bombing of the apartment of a former advisor to the Moscow mayor.

Pichugin already faces murder charges and has denied involvement in the plots. He said a statement he made to interrogators while in prison was extracted with the use of psychotropic drugs.

The new charges also accuse Nevzlin of organizing an attempt to kill a former Yukos joint venture partner, Yevgeny Rybin, who had threatened to go to authorities with information about Yukos' alleged attempts to hide profits from tax officials.

Rybin was shot at as he left the home of a Yukos vice president in 1998, and his car was hit with an explosive device in 1999. He was unharmed in both attacks, but his driver died in the blast.

Rybin returned to Moscow from Vienna in November to give testimony to the prosecutor's office. In an interview with The Times that month, he said he was convinced that Yukos officials were behind the attempts on his life.

Yukos officials have said Rybin's claims are baseless and were discredited when he lost lawsuits he filed against the company because of failed business deals. Nevzlin filed a letter this month with the Russian prosecutor general seeking protection from Rybin and others, who he said were attempting to blackmail him.

Nevzlin's lawyer, Dmitry V. Kharitonov, said it was "absolutely inexplicable" how any connection could be made between Nevzlin and the attacks, and analysts said it was possible the government was using the new charges to diminish Western support for Yukos management and drive down the company's share price.

In a separate $3.4-billion tax case, federal tax authorities are preparing to sell Yukos' key production facility, Yuganskneftegaz, which the company has valued at more than $30 billion. Yukos' share price dropped 21% Monday in the wake of the murder charges, closing at a three-year low of $4.20.

"No one doubts that there is a firm intention to fragment the company, reduce its capitalization and sell such Yukos tidbits as Yuganskneftegaz as cheaply as possible and into the right hands," said Andrei V. Ryabov, an analyst with the Carnegie Moscow Center.The new charges help provide public justification for such a campaign, Ryabov added. "The prosecutor's office expects to look as if it is doing the rest of the world a huge favor by punishing the criminals who ran Yukos," he said.

Kharitonov, Nevzlin's lawyer, said the charges attempt to create a "sinister" image of the oil company to justify the government's case, and to pressure Israel, which has no extradition treaty with Russia, to hand Nevzlin over for trial. Nevzlin already faced charges of tax evasion and embezzlement, and was the subject of an international arrest warrant upon which Israeli authorities did not act.

The new charges, Kharitonov said, "effectively shatter the reputation of Yukos as a transparent company, a company operating by Western standards, because according to the prosecution, one of Yukos' top officials commissioned murders of people. This is crazy!"

In a statement released by his lawyer, Khodorkovsky, who is on trial for fraud and tax evasion, said Nevzlin continued to be a "friend."

"I am very sorry that some people would use such monstrous methods and accusations," he said.

Alexei V. Kuznetsov of The Los Angeles Times' Moscow Bureau contributed to this report.

[End Quote]

On Jul 27, 2004, at 11:09 AM, T.F. wrote to Hoffman defending Khodorkovsky

It is not clear to me that, as a (former?) Communist head of the KGB, Vladimir Putin is more entitled to have a say in the allocation of that $3.4 billion than Mikhail Khodorkovsky who, to the degree that his companies provided services on free markets -- to that degree, NB-- earned those billions. How many murders was Putin directly or indirectly involved in during his adult life? Or is that irrelevant because once one is democratically elected, one's criminal record is informally, but no less effectively, sealed? --T.F.

Dear T.F.

The Zionist in question did not "earn those billions," he ripped the enterprise off from the Russian taxpayers and killed a few people in the bargain. Profits from stolen goods, services or facilities are illicit, exactly as Putin says. The fact that Putin himself may have blood on his hands in no way exculpates Khodorkovsky.

There is a larger question here of securing the Russian media against a Zionist takeover. No dollar value can be put on the inestimable service that a media free of Zionist control represents to Russia.

Here in "free market" America, Zionist monopoly control of the major media in the form of (to name but a few of the major players): most of the Hollywood studios such as "Dreamworks SKG" (SKG = Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen), the NY Times and Washington Post, Fox TV network (Murdoch), CBS (Redstone) and ABC (Eisner); with defense contractor/war profiteer General Electric in charge of NBC, has reduced America to a satrapy of the Israeli criminal empire. If Russia's media can stay free of American-style subservience to Israeli supremacists, the world will be a far better and more enlightened place.

Sincerely, Michael A. Hoffman II

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