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By: Jacques Meihoff

As America sleeps, globalization is firmly underway. The simple fact is that the hour is later than most people think when it comes to the move towards a collective global nation-state. The European Union is steadily coalescing itself into a virus-like entity with tentacles that are insinuating themselves into more and more sociopolitical orifices in both Europe and the US. We barely grunt at these unsolicited penetrations as a European governing body which voted itself into existence, arbitrarily assumes more and more power for itself, passing so-called "laws" that give it the de-facto authority to dictate everything from religious expression to Internet publishing standards for countries that are not even officially part of its Union! For example, the International Criminal Court has given ITSELF authority to punish a web author for "hate crimes" if material on a website, though legal in the country where it originates and is hosted, is VIEWED in a country that has legislation prohibiting such expressions. And we blithely give these groups credibility by running to them for ever-more expansive rulings regarding everything from ecological preservation to copyright violations. Every time we ask for a ruling by the ICC or its ilk, we establish a ruling that becomes a legal precedent merely by the fact of its existence. Every time this precedent is referenced in subsequent rulings (yes, even by our U.S. Supreme Court!), it gains even more credibility, even though the original finding was provided by an organization with no legal right to exist, and no binding legal authority in this country!

I was recently privy to a fairly high-level brief by a strategic military and political planner who spoke of globalization not only as highly desirable, but as an all but forgone conclusion. Countries with strong, nationalistic identities were viewed as "old world" and presented as the enemies of globalization, and thus indirectly, enemies of the United States. That's right. The United States was presented by this senior military planner as being at the forefront of the move towards an interdependent global identity. He spoke of finding and implementing ways to deal with "system perturbations," which were defined as actions by those who won't "get on board" with globalism. Traditionally this has meant third world countries, especially those of fundamentalist Muslim foundations. I am not making this up. In effect, those who oppose globalism are in effect third-world throwbacks who won't get on board, and so have to be dealt with. So boil it down to one sound-bite: Under current political thought at the highest levels, opposition to globalism equates with terrorism in both the perceived threat and required response. You read it here first.

I suspect that the move towards globalism is about three or four steps ahead of where most people, even those who view themselves as informed, think we are. You can see hints of it in many shapes and forms. Notice that many phone numbers, especially on widely sold products, now use a period instead of a dash to separate the numbers (i.e. - 209.555.1212). This is a European convention that is quietly, without fanfare and little notice, being widely adopted by businesses and political institutions. Nearly all operational and strategic military doctrine and planning hinge on the concept of "jointness." This is not just joint service commitments, such as conducting warfare using assets from the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines, but also Joint in the aspect of relying on foreign countries to fill out our force mix. Much planning and thought is going into how to best operate in a "joint environment" and "joint theatres of conflict."

Some would say that you can't maintain control over a world government of such a scale. You can if control is mostly voluntary, under the color of treaty and international law. Enforced by economic sanctions and military force. How viable could such a military be? Western Navies have in their inventory catamaran-hulled "fast response ships" which can cruise at upwards of 80 knots -- nearly three times as fast as the 25 knots capable by most older amphibious ships, changing response times from days to mere hours. They can offload an entire Battalion Landing Team in 20 minutes. The US is also developing a hypersonic bomber capable of carrying out an unmanned attack anywhere in the world in two hours. The social, political, and military resources needed to make the "global village" work are inexorably being worked into place. Penalties for opposition and/or noncompliance are being established and given progressively greater authority and legitimacy by sold-out politicians who have read the writing on the wall and are working to secure their place as high up as possible in the new world's command structure.

Don't be fooled into thinking the the US is some valiant bulwark against globalism. Our legislative, judicial, and executive branches are not only greasing the rails, but pouring coals to the locomotive as well. And here we sit in the dining car, blissfully playing Canasta while our destiny is decided for us because we care not for where the train is going, as long as our glass is full and our seat cushions soft.

"Published originally at EtherZone.com : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."

Jacques Meihoff is a pen name for a freelance writer to protect the identity of an insider.  He is a new columnist for Ether Zone.

Jacques Meihoff can be reached at: jacquesmeihoff@yahoo.com

Published in the July 3, 2003 issue of  Ether Zone.
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