Mandela turns 85
Follow the celebrations for Madiba's 85th birthday in our special feature.
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       South Africa : Mandela Updated:   20/07/2003 13:37 - (SA)
    South Africa
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    Mandela turns 85
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    Mandela: Others suffered more
    20/07/2003 13:33
    Former president Nelson Mandela has opened a new bridge in the Johannesburg CBD that symbolises everyone who had fought to free the country of apartheid.

    Mandela Galleries
    South Africa
    Mandela's party gets underway
    19/07/2003 19:43
    Guests at Nelson Mandela's birthday party can be forgiven for thinking they are outnumbered by parking attendants, security officials, ushers and waiters.
  • Madiba's biggest birthday...
  • Prisoners and staff hail Madiba
  • SA 'blessed' to have Madiba

  • CLOSE-UP: Former South African President Nelson Mandela smiles alongside his wife Graca Machel at the start of his star-tudded 85th birthday party celebration in Johannesburg. (Themba Hadebe, AP)

    'You taught me to love all people'
    20/07/2003 08:24
    "You have taught me to love all people and colours," reads the birthday message to former president Nelson Mandela from Wilma Verwoerd, great granddaughter of HF Verwoerd.
  • Party ends with 'Madiba jive'
  • Clinton pays tribute to Mandela

    Party ends with 'Madiba jive'
    20/07/2003 07:37
    former president Nelson Mandela's birthday party in Sandton ended the way it had to - with the former president and some of his world-class guests doing the "Madiba jive".
  • Clinton pays tribute to Mandela
  • Prisoners and staff hail Madiba

    Clinton pays tribute to Mandela
    19/07/2003 22:25
    Former US president Bill Clinton has praised Nelson Mandela, saying he has given the world many gifts.
  • Madiba's biggest birthday...
  • SA 'blessed' to have Madiba

    Tribute to Mandela
    18/07/2003 07:45
    Political Leaders, veteran activists, sports heroes, musicians and stars of stage and screen all pay tribute to Nelson Mandela.

    Prisoners and staff hail Madiba
    19/07/2003 10:06
    Correctional Services Minister Ben Skosana, his staff and the inmates of prisons have paid tribute to Nelson Mandela.
  • SA 'blessed' to have Madiba
  • Madiba spares a thought
  • Children make Madiba's day

    SA 'blessed' to have Madiba
    18/07/2003 21:03
    The nation is privileged to be blessed with a person of former president Nelson Mandela's stature, calibre and nature, says deputy president Jacob Zuma.
  • From the mouths of babes
  • Madiba on way to new record
  • Mandela has no bitterness - Tutu
  • Mandela's triumphant walk
  • Jhb streets closed for Madiba

    Madiba on way to new record
    18/07/2003 18:31
    Congratulatory messages are pouring in to the Telkom lines set up for a world-record-breaking attempt in honour of Nelson Mandela.
  • Mandela galleries
  • Mandela has no bitterness - Tutu
  • Mandela's triumphant walk
  • The legacy that is Mandela
  • Madiba phone-in aims at record

    Jhb streets closed for Madiba
    18/07/2003 20:40
    Several streets in Johannesburg will be closed during the weekend for Madiba birthday celebrations.

    The legacy that is Mandela
    18/07/2003 16:05
    "We shall build a society in which all South Africans will be able to walk tall, without any fear in their hearts - a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world".
  • Madiba spares a thought
  • 'Mandela, a watchman'
  • Leon sends birthday greetings

    From the mouths of babes
    18/07/2003 20:40
    Mandela has received birthday wishes from the likes of Bill Clinton and Bono. But what about the little people?

    Mandela has no bitterness - Tutu
    18/07/2003 18:21
    Archbiship Desmond Tutu says without someone like Nelson Mandela, who is without a trace of bitterness, the new South Africa may not have got past first base.
  • Mandela Galleries
  • Madiba 'first class' - SAA
  • Mandela's triumphant walk
  • The legacy that is Mandela

    'Mandela, a watchman'
    18/07/2003 16:04
    Tributes have poured from across the globe as former South African president Nelson Mandela celebrates his 85th birthday.

    Madiba 'first class' - SAA
    18/07/2003 13:12
    Nelson Mandela has got an SAA first class boarding pass for life.
  • Mandela gallery
  • Sweet tooth, anyone?
  • Deluge of birthday wishes
  • Song, cakes greet Madiba
  • Tribute to Mandela

    Madiba spares a thought
    18/07/2003 16:04
    Nelson Mandela has celebrated his 85th birthday by distributing cake to disabled children.
  • Madiba 'first class' - SAA
  • Deluge of birthday wishes
  • Song, cakes greet Madiba
  • Mandela galleries

    Song, cakes greet Madiba
    18/07/2003 09:53
    Nelson Mandela has kicked off his 85th birthday - serenaded by a military band and presented with 85 cakes.
  • 'We sized each other up'
  • ANC 'not for Xhosas only'
  • Tribute to Mandela
  • Mandela galleries
  • Happy Birthday Madiba!

    Leon sends birthday greetings
    18/07/2003 16:04
    Tony Leon has paid a special tribute to Nelson Mandela and thanked him for the proper relationship between government and opposition.

    A long walk to freedom
    18/07/2003 07:45
    Here are some qotes taken from Nelson Mandela's lifestory: A long walk to freedom.

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