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"Open the gates!"
Warriors march to the Temple Mount

Outside the Temple Mount On Tuesday, September 23, the ICZC's "Worshippers and Warriors" made their way to the Western Wall Plaza for a prophetic rendezvous with the Temple Mount Faithful - a group of Bible-believing Jews that has for years been working to re-establish de facto Jewish sovereignty on God's Holy Hill.

We had hoped to be able to take the replica of the Ark up to the Wall, but were forbidden by police from bringing the vessel in through the Dung Gate. So, while our four faithful "Levites" stood with their charge outside the walls, we made our way in through the security check and gathered near the entrance to the ramp that ascends to the green "Mughrabi Gate" access to the Temple Mount - right above the section where the women gather at the Wall to pray. The Temple Mount Faithful were there, with one of their leaders speaking through a megaphone, decrying the fact that the Temple Mount has been off limit to Jews and Christians for over two years, and that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had been unwilling to open it up again.

ICZC Director Jan Willem van der Hoeven took the loudspeaker and began to address the Jewish worshippers in Hebrew and English. He told them that even as their priestly members were gathering to deliver the special Aaronic blessing at the Wall, we believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, had come from around the world to bless the Jewish people and to tell them that their exile was not meant to end at the "Wailing" Wall, but that their destiny was to return to the Temple Mount itself, and from there to worship the Lord God of their Fathers.

Shortly afterwards we followed the Temple Mount Faithful up the ramp to the Mughrahi Gate, where they called out: "Open the gates. Open the gates. Open the gates," while we stood behind them, singing hallelujahs to the Lord in our diverse earthly and heavenly tongues. What a wonderful, victorious occasion!

As war clouds gather again over the region, and things look set for a major conflagration in the coming months - a war that could change the face of the Middle East - we will be praying and preparing our hearts to, next year, get right up onto the Mount.

Physical force and violence are not our weapons, but what our weapons are is mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. And the day when Islam dominates and controls who prays up there is coming to an end.

Prepare your hearts to join with ours.
Next year on the Temple Mount!

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