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Paleoconservative Digest

Thursday, June 27, 2002


by Kevin R. O'Keeffe

June 25, 2002 - a date that will live in infamy. For it was on this date that the American system of electoral politics, known as "democracy," was ruthlessly and deliberately attacked by the agents of a foreign power i.e., the Apartheid regime which calls itself "Israel." In Alabama's 7th Congressional District, the District of my own birth back in 1970, U.S. Representative Earl F. Hilliard was defeated in his primary bid for reelection to a sixth term due to massive infusions of campaign cash from Jewish Zionists and others who objected to the Hon. Rep. Hilliard's support for a Palestinian state (an obvious prerequisite for peace on the Levant and thus very much in keeping with U.S. national security interests) and closer U.S. relations with the Arab world generally (also very much in the interests of U.S. national security, as anyone who cares more about winning our war with Al-Qaeda than they do for posing for the cameras as "tough on terrorism" will readily admit).

Rep. Hilliard was defeated by a cretinous little pip-squeak name of Arthur Davis, invariably described as "Harvard educated" (as if being "educated"/indoctrinated in that irrelevant bastion of elitism, social & intellectual conformity, cultural Bolshevism and grade inflation were a mark of distinction), who rode to his ill-gotten victory on the flood of campaign contributions from New York's Jewish community, many of who's members hold dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship (in direct contravention of U.S. law and international standards) and stand to benefit from the increasingly pro-Sharon tilt of U.S. foreign policy (seeing as so many of them have cousins and/or siblings who stand to claim ownership of Palestinian property, once the indigenous Arab population has been ethnically cleansed or perhaps just outright murdered in true Ku Klux Klan-style by marauding gangs of Israeli settlers, as we've seen occur in recent days).

It is, of course, most disgusting than an "American" like Arthur Davis would so willingly serve as the agent of a foreign power in exchange for 30 pieces of silver, but sadly, we have come to expect little better from today's political class. What is most egregious about this case is that all serious people are aware that the Israeli government, via its agents such as AIPAC and B'Nai B'Rith, was behind the mobilization of so much Zionist money on behalf of Mr. Davis, regardless of what lies their apologists in the dominant mass media may be spewing in their defense. I honestly do not know whether or not it is illegal for a foreign government to interfere with U.S. elections. What I do know is that it should be a federal felony, and the fact that people like House Speaker Dennis Hastert, House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt and prominent journalists and commentators (such as Peter Jennings, Rush Limbaugh, George Will and the editorial boards of the New York Times, the Washington Post and various Alabama papers, to cite but a few examples) are not calling for the enactment of such laws (assuming they do not already exist, as well they may) is proof positive that such self-appointed champions of American democracy do not, in reality, give two figs for the will of the American people. These cowards and, yes, traitors, who always put Israel first and America at best a distant second, are doing far more harm to this country than essentially irrelevant and beleaguered figures such as Saddam Hussein or Mullah Mohammed Omar of Taliban fame.

It should be noted that as a paleoconservative, there are probably very few issues which Congressman Hilliard, a liberal Democratic member of the Congressional Black Caucus, and I would agree. However, the imperialist, pro-Zionist, anti-Arab character of U.S. foreign policy is, without a doubt, the single most important issue in the world today. If we continue with these insane interventionist policies (as opposed to a perfectly legitimate punitive war against Al-Qaeda), it is quite literally only a matter of time before nuclear warheads start detonating in U.S. cities and civilization itself begins a precipitous descent into utter darkness and endless despair. I will proudly set aside my differences and extend the hand of friendship to all those, such as Representative Hilliard, who place themselves in opposition to the madness of what is beginning to look ever more like an Apocalyptic death wish fueled by heroic fantasies and an immoral misinterpretation of Biblical scripture.

EDITORIAL NOTE: A disproportionately large number of articles on this site have taken the Israeli government and Zionists generally to task for what millions of Americans regard as their irresponsible and immoral policies. In today's climate, it is inevitable that we shall be derided and slandered as "anti-Semites." This is simply par for the course, as all criticism of Israeli foreign policy, Zionist principles and even the character of that murdering war criminal Ariel Sharon, "The Butcher of Beirut," are invariably met with insincere (or just plain stupid) accusations of "anti-Semitism." To be labeled an anti-Semite in America's current political environment is much like a compliment, in that it signifies, first and foremost, the willingness of the accused to think for himself with regard to issues pertaining to the Middle East. It is sadly true, however, that the charge of "anti-Semitism" is one of the most damaging and difficult to refute (due to its lack of objective meaning) of all contemporary slanders. We here at Paleoconservative Digest are not remotely concerned with such disingenuous labels, other than to the extent that we find our intelligence insulted by them, and in point of fact, we regard such accusations as not only something of an admission of defeat on the part of the accuser, but also boring in the extreme.
posted by Kevin O'Keeffe 2:58 AM

Tuesday, June 25, 2002


by Kevin R. O'Keeffe

The "liberal" bias in the media (as well as academia and cultural institutions of all sorts) is about as subtle and difficult to detect as a gunshot to the head. It is this same bias that is the source of all the denials, by interested parties ensconced within the mass media, that any such bias exists and to credibly claim it does requires a veritable encyclopedia of statistical analysis (when, in reality, all one has to do is watch about 20 minutes of the news as presented on CNN or one of the three major networks in order to dispel all doubt).

One pervasive and oft repeated element in this biased worldview is the notion that Adolf Hitler, despite having been responsible for far fewer deaths than either Joseph Stalin or Mao ZeDong (to the tune of literally tens of millions), is the most evil man in human history.

Few would dispute that Hitler was a great criminal, but it seems odd the way we find it so much easier to forgive (or at least forget about) Stalin's murder of 12-15 million Ukrainians (not to mention our own genocide against the Cherokee, Sioux and Filipinos spanning the administrations of Andrew Jackson through Theodore Roosevelt) than Hitler's murder of six million Jews. In an age where racism, ethnocentrism, nationalism and any sort of patriotism that isn't universalist in nature is looked upon about as favorably as pedophilia, it seems unlikely that we are simply to believe the deaths of Jews matter more than the deaths of Ukrainian and Chinese peasants who objected to being forced into slave labor camps/"collectivized farms." Presumably, there must be another reason for why Hitler, hardly the world's foremost murderer, is regarded as the world's foremost evildoer.

The answer, presumably, lies in what is regarded as the uniquely evil mindset of the National Socialist. One suspects that this, too, is a product of bias, as I'm unsure why National Socialism would offend one more than Bolshevism (unless, of course, one had a hidden sympathy for Bolshevism, but of course there has never been anyone like THAT in the American mass media). In any event, while the idea that German National Socialism, with its smaller number of victims, is somehow worse than Soviet Communism, is perhaps a tad eccentric, but we can accept it as the natural bias of people on the left, who would reasonably tend to hate right-wing extemist murderers a tad more than left-wing extremist murderers (although it would be nice if we didn't so often have to take the media's hatred for Communist murderers on blind faith, seeing as how they refuse to provide any evidence for its existence).

What is perplexing, however, is why the media is so quiet on the subject of contemporary National Socialism as it functions today under the Zionist regime in Occupied Palestine. Can there be any doubt that the ardently socialist and virulently nationalist regime in Jerusalem is National Socialist in character? If the German government today treated its Frisians and other minorities in a manner similar to that which the Israeli government employs against the indigenous population of Palestine, would anyone doubt that to be indicative of the rise of a Fourth Reich? Do the Palestinian "refugee camps" not occupy a place, in terms of their luxuriousness, somewhere between Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto? It should be further noted that Ariel Sharon (along with Benjamin Netanyahu, Yitzhak Shamir, Menachem Begin and much of the Likud's intelligentsia) derive inspiration from the prewar Zionists, such as Vladimir Jabotinsky, who received funding from Mussolini, called himself "a fascist," and even spoke admiringly of Hitler (albeit within the context of regretting his anti-Semitic worldivew).

Of course, Israel is a foreign nation and is entitled to any form of government it likes (just so long as we Americans cease having to subsidize it). What irks me is not the National Socialist character of the Israeli government and the Likud Party in particular, so much as the manner in which The Wall Street Journal begins to resemble Julius Streicher's Der Sturmer, when the National Socialism at hand is not the German, pan-Aryan or even the much-maligned (pre-9/11, that is) Hindu variety, but rather that of the Jewish people. How does the most evil idea in the history of the human race, as the media would have it, suddenly become synonymous with freedom and justice when its practicioners have the good taste to be born Jewish? The American mass media takes a great deal of pleasure in lecturing to and denigrating the American people, for our unwillingness to adopt the level of tolerance prevalent in the average Greenwich Village bathouse. As long as that same media continues to exalt the democratic virtues of violent, imperialist, racist, Apartheidesque Zionist National Socialism, can we at least dispense with any more lectures from these self-righteous hypocrites?
posted by Kevin O'Keeffe 2:07 AM

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