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Supreme Court Malady
by Sartre
30 June 2003

By striking down a ban on gay sex the Supreme Court has validated the road to perdition. Total depravity is the supreme law of the land.

The Thinker

The culture war is real and is a struggle to the death. Civilization hangs by a thread, that has just been frayed - by a judicial majority - bent on the eradication of all traditional morality. By striking down a ban on gay sex and invalidating a Texas law against "deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex," it has validated the road to perdition. If any diehards had any doubts about the sorry state of the law in the new American millennium, all qualms should be put to rest. Total depravity is the supreme law of the land.

Fellow citizens, this decision is not about sex, it’s about the abandonment of every canon of responsible moral behavior. A despotism of the judiciary is the worst kind of tyranny, because it cloaks its oppression in the protection of the law. This nation can no longer survive under the dictums of a federal bench. This continent was settled by people who sought to worship freely and organize communities of like-minded residents. The moral foundations that underpinned their legal and social institutions formed the basis of their governmental structures. Individual states possessed their own sovereignty. Inhabitants were free to move if practices of civil government conflicted with the conscience of any citizen.

The most profound values and the right to govern is now prohibited upon the torso of vile pretension by a degenerate court. Texas, or any other state, is wholly within their rights to legislate and adjudicate their own rules for decent behavior. States Rights are legitimate, especially within the context of community standards. Ineffective attempts to force an official perverted version of moral conduct that panders to lost souls, only invigorates the remaining moral remnants. Decent Americans will not accept anymore authoritarian assaults upon traditional values.

The legitimacy of  “federalism” has been betrayed one time too often. This union under a central dictatorship deserves to wither, as willful consent is withheld from any federal authority. If the intent of the relative law is supreme, respect for principled criterion of civilized values and social coexistence is impossible. Our form of government was never envisioned to be perfect. But it was intended to allow people to govern themselves in ways that conform to their most precious beliefs, values and expectations. Living in a moral cesspool is not an option. But willingly accepting the pronouncement of a sick court is sheer insanity.

Our counsel has consistently advocated civil disobedience. How many more insults to your own dignity will you tolerate before you rebel? Is there anyone left to fight, or has the vast plurality of that old “moral majority” died decades ago? Unless states take back real power from the federal monster, no citizen is free to select their own way of living.

If Sodom and Gomorra is your thing, dwell in your own misery away from normal families. Turning the entire country into a celebration of porn is not acceptable. The time has come to separate these lifestyles permanently. “The Court” is a pimp of totalitarianism. While they pronounce on every form of moral decay with approving eyes, proper people are left with dismay as to the decline of their society. Maybe most folks no longer care about a worthwhile future! Surely, very few do anything to challenge the lunacy of this “PC” degradation that passes for the popular culture.

Individual freedoms are wishful fantasies, when a conservative community is coerced into tolerating the methodical destruction of their society. The absence of protest from organized religions will be deafening - they need to protect their tax exempt status. What is the next heresy that they will accede to in order to preach their artificial message?

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority: The law "demeans the lives of homosexual persons,” cuts to the core of the ruin of our nation. Where is the outrage for their demeaning of us? What happened to that cherished public welfare clause and where is that equitable action from this court? Do they really believe that abandoning the man-woman relationship can be a substitute for the traditional family? What history did this justice learn?

Justice Scalia said the Texas law was "well within the range of traditional democratic action" and should not have been overturned. Justice Scalia added the ruling was "the product of a law-profession culture that has largely signed on to the so-called homosexual agenda" and reflected a decision by the Supreme Court to "take sides in the culture war."

"Today's opinion dismantles the structure of constitutional law that has permitted a distinction to be made between heterosexual and homosexual unions," Justice Scalia concluded.

The significance of this ruling is that sane Americans no longer can give lip service to federal legitimacy. No, it has been replaced with fellatio of a retrograde coitus, pushed down our throats. The rogue majority on the Supreme Court reflects the carnality that their lust for total domination desires. They want to make you submissive to their every whim. Expanding a “living law” is no eternal standard. Common to any pervert is the passion for control. The federal monster is a rapist and you have just been violated, again . . . I will not be the next sacrifice to the Marquis de Sade culture. The Quill that was used to form this nation was never intended to be used to destroy the family. What will it take for you to revolt?

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