Terror in South Africa
Nelson and Winnie Mandela, once husband and wife, sure think alike. During Mandela's trial they produced 90 pages of documents in his own handwriting. These documents all showed that he really was nothing other than a communist terrorist. He never denied that he had written it. One of those was entitled "How to be a Good Communist." In one document Mr Mandela addressed the issue of "sellouts". He advocated "cutting their noses off". As you can see, from what happened in Zimbabwe one should not think such comments are intended as jokes. When these people speak of cutting parts off of living humans they're not joking. In Angola, the breasts were cut off living white women and other whites were sawed in half at a timbermill.

Winnie Mandela once said that they would liberate South Africa with boxes of matches. Here are a few reminders that it wasn't a joke. More than 400 black South Africans were murdered in this way. They poured petrol on them, put a tyre around them, and with their sick macabre humour referred to this as a "necklace." People were stoned, stabbed and burned alive.

Most of these people were black. Many people outside South Africa may remember seeing film footage of crowds of blacks engaging in the murder of these unlucky individuals. You never saw white people murdering blacks like that because it never happened. But those people who conducted those murders are now the government of South Africa.

Take a look at the burnt bodies of some necklace victims:-

Look at the steel rings of the tyre still around the bodies' neck. These people were murdered because they did not take part in strikes and other revolutionary activity.

This may be the same person as above but from a different angle.

Car Bomb in Pretoria

Above is the aftermath of a car-bomb. At the time it was the largest car bomb in South African history. 14 people were killed and 180 injured. This car bomb went off outside the South African Air Force HQ in Pretoria. It was timed to go off during the afternoon rush hour when the streets were filled with busses and civilians. This happened on 20th May, 1983. I lived in the YMCA, about 100 metres from where this bomb went off. I personally knew two of the people who died that day - and other friends of mine had close shaves.

A young wounded air force recruit being led away by two others. The YMCA in which I lived at the time is off the left side of the picture, behind a 20-storey building.

This wounded civilian woman seeks help from a passer-by.

This young man is trapped under the rubble from the explosion.

In the foreground is a wounded black man. Note, half of the steel tyre rim is lying next to him.

Car bombs seemed to follow me. When I moved to Johannesburg some years later an even larger car bomb went off less than 1 Km from where I lived!

The lesson from Africa is that if you murder, intimidate and terrorise people enough while pumping hateful propaganda into their heads you can later stand proudly on the world stage and claim to be the voice of the masses!! Who ever said Communists don't have a macabre sense of humour eh?

Welcome to southern Africa, where the Terrorists win and where the murderers now make the laws and run the country. Is it any wonder therefore that crime is out of control (because they don't want to hang their buddies). Is it any wonder that over 1,200 white farmers have been murdered in South Africa in recent years?

Let that be a lesson to everyone that this is what happens when you let Marxist Terrorists come to power. Rather than solving the problem, the world, through its meddling and misunderstanding of southern Africa, has actually helped to make the problem worse. You have not seen nor heard the last of the Marxist Murderers of southern Africa. There will be more to come in the years ahead...
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