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The Absence of Truth – Propaganda and War on Iraq - Glen Rangwala and
Alan Simpson

July 13 - 20 Lies About the War
By Glen Rangwala and Raymond Whitaker

Four Major Unresolved Questions

Index to Glen Rangwala on Iraq

Register - Civil Liberties Conf - July 25-26

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"It's President Bush that's killing Americans; he put them in harm's war...We're waging an illegal war of aggression."


July 10 - Scott Ritter held a press tele-conference (mp3 audio) at Traprock Peace Center. Bob Paquette, WFCR public radio new director and Diane Broncaccio of the Greenfield Recorder were on site. Kimiko Aoki, Japanese Public Broadcasting; Andrew Stelzer, KBOO , Portland, OR; Adrian Glamorgan, in Australia; Mike Zmolek, in D.C.; Michael Rivaro, in Hawaii; with a question forwarded by Judith Monachina, The Advocate, Lenox and North Adams, MA. Contact us if you have trouble down-loading the press conference. THIS IS A BIG FILE - 14 mg. It plays on Quicktime and Media Player. For those without broadband, it will 'stream' but give it a generous buffer. If it stops while playing, it will start up again. We'll upload a RealAudio version tonight. (Photo © 2003 Charlie Jenks)

Traprock gives permission to anyone to download and reply this material for free if replayed or distributed without fees. We only ask for attribution to Traprock and Scott Ritter. Please call 413-773-7427 with any questions.

Putting the Brakes on Domestic Spying: Protecting Democracy - Join us wtih Professor Christopher H. Pyle, Mount Holyoke College, on Tuesday, July 15, 1 PM at Greenfield Community College-Downtown, 270 Main Street, Greenfield, MA. See Calendar. A prelude to July 25-26 Civil Liberties Conference.

July 25-26 - Register for Civil Liberties Conf.

July 4th - Patriots on Parade in Amherst thrilled the crowds.

June/July - Doug Rokke in Austrailia. See Aussie reflections.

10 Student Peacemakers of Franklin Country honored at the 4th annual Peacemakers Awards, sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Franklin County and Traprock Peace Center. See Photo-Album of all the student peacemakers with their families and faculty sponsors..

June 6-8 - Campus Anti-War Network (CAN) spring retreat at the Blue Mountain Center in New York State. Listen (mp3) to a great student-led workshop on war and domestic issues - Part A (32 min.) and Part B (35 min). Watch for Oct/Nov date of CAN national convention. CAN Retreat Photo-Album

May 19 - Jeremy Corbyn (Labour MP) meeting with Colombian labor organizer Carlos Gonzalez, an unnamed Coca Cola and Nestle Colombian organizer and Andy Higginbottom of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign at Parliament. The Colombian guests discussed the killing of labor activists who had been organizing at Coca Cola and Nestle, and the international boycott of Coca Cola starting July 22. Hear this meeting (MP3 Audio)

Sunny Miller
interviewed Jihad Hamad, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at the College of Science and Arts, Arab American University in Jenin-Palestine. They talked at the 11th International Conference on Conflict Resolution in St. Petersburg, Russia on May 15. Their interview covererd issues of democracy, civil society and violence in the Middle East. Listen to this interivew (mp3 file). Also, visit Dr. Hamad's website at

May 8-18 - Traprock's presented on depleted uranium at the 11th Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution in St. Petersburg, Russia, sponsored by the Harmony Institute (Russia) and Common Bond Institute (USA). This incredible conference has created an international community through wide-ranging workshops and shared experiences. See the PHOTO-ALBUM of this year's conference and follow links to sponsoring organizations. Highlights included programs programs on indigenous people's in North America and Russia. We will upload audio of interviews and indigenous music over the next few weeks.

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Like Waging War, Waging Peace Requires Funding

Andrew and Luke Toritto were proud to take a stand for peace and justice on the Greenfield Common in October. These young peace makers remind us what it's all about. Their parents Joe and Lucy Toritto have deep commitments to peacemaking.. Yes, this work does cost money. No way around it. We welcome individual and family memberships (the donation is up to you). Please send a donation to Traprock Peace Center, 103A Keets Road, Deerfield, MA 01342 and indicate if you wish to become a member. Please email us if you have any questions.

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Weapons Inspections and Iraq with Scott Ritter

Stop War 2003 - Archives & Resources

Stop War 2002 - Archives & Resources

Hiroshima Invites Bush - learn from Hibakusha.

Kennedy/Feingold/Conyers on INS

More Peace Resources

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Scott Ritter on
Iraq Scandal

Scott Ritter's July 11th interview
with Wolf Blitzer

Scott Ritter Press Conference (mp3 audio)
(if busy, try Mirror) - (RealAudio)

Traprock's work with Scott Ritter

Let's not forget about the economy

Bush's Data Dump by Russ Baker

Economic Performance from Bush I through Bush II

House of Commons
Nuclear Weapons
'depleted uranium'

"The Decision to go to War in Iraq" - Complete Text of House of Commons Report (279K doc file)

Testimony of Air Marshall Burridge, UK National Contingent Commander in Iraq before Defence Committee (169 K doc file) HTML version.

PQAs at House on Commons - US 'scientific exchanges' re: new Tritium Handling Facility for UK Atomic Weapons Establishment; UK commits to release info on DU use in Iraq.

Please contact us if have problems downloading.

US and UK Facing 'Weaponsgate'

News and Resources

Does it strike anyone as odd that the CIA warned the British that the Iraq/Niger claim was bogus in September, 2002, (The Guardian) but, according to the White House, did not warn Bush before the State of the Union Address in January, 2003?

Odder still that the CIA convinced the White House to cut a reference to it in Bush's October speech to the nation, yet it ended up in the State of the Union Address. Washington Post

Niger and Iraq: the war's biggest lie?
Investigation by Neil Mackay

Blair rethinking call for Independent Judicial Inquiry

July 10 - CBS bombshell - CIA told White House Staff Bush was on shaky ground before State of Union. White House ignored CIA warning, saying Bush could attribute claim to British. Powell knew uranium claim in speech was shaky but did not warn President. He excluded claim in his UN presentation 8 days later. [CBS doctored own story after the fact by adding Condi Rice's blaming CIA.]

July 9 - US Dems calling for full investigation

White House Backs Off Uranium Claim

Blair Grilled in House of Commons; UK Foreign Affairs Committee issues first report; Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament calls for judicial inquiry or litigation to compel one; Conservatives and Liberals join call for judicial inquiry.

"What I Didn't Find in Afirca" - Joseph Wilson debunks fraud about Iraq trying to buy uranium in Niger. NY Times and Post stories.

Heather Wokusch

VAN with DU Stolen in UK - Nationwide Hunt Ensues (odd how DU is dangerous in the UK, but not in Iraq)

America's Shameful Legacy of Radioactive Weaponry

Host Doug Rokke Event - See DU TOUR UPDATE Dates filling up - 3 August dates left; US dates still available in Sept-early Oct

Oct 16-19, 2003 - World Uranium Weapons Conference - Hamburg features Doug Rokke, Leuren Moret and other international experts


9/11 Commission suggests "intimidation" of witnesses
by Bush Administration -
NY Times

Civil Liberties
Download Power Point Presentation on 'Patriot' Act
by Alice Copeland Brown
War's Impact on the People of Iraq

Africa oil connection for US? Guardian

July 6 - US Plans Bases to Gird Africa
Uganda - Urgent Issues - (ILRU)
"Depopulation as Policy" - Keith Snow

Guantanamo Bay

Civil Liberties Conference

Sunny Miller and
Frank Serpico

July 25-26 - "Protecting our Civil Liberties: The Core of Democracy" - Greenfield Community College and Traprock Peace Center announce a regional conference at G.C.C. on Provisions of the Patriot Acts I & II. See list of workshops at Calendar. Opening reception with Frank Serpico, 7 pm, Friday. Confer with Attys. C. William Michaels, Bill Newman and Mahsa Khanbabai, Prof. Christopher H. Pyle, Sandra Boston, Leo Hwang-Carlos, Louis Battalen, Irvine Sobelman, and Ezzell Floraniña 8:30-5:30, Saturday, July 26. Registration $30 ($20 for student or low income). Lunch served if received by July 17, payable to Traprock Peace Center, 103A Keets Road, Deerfield, MA 01342.Download Registration forms (doc format). If you have trouble with the download, email us. See Calendar for details and list of co-sponsors.

From the UK - "While the US fights a war on terror, it is also systematically crushing its citizens' rights. Neil Mackay on the alarming rise of a new tyranny"

Did Bush Claim God told him to Invade Iraq? Israeli newspaper Haaretz - In case link 'disappears' we have copied story here.
On Blair having 'sexed up' its dossier on Iraq

BBC threatens to sue Alastair Campbell - Blair's spin doctor. "No 10 did sex up dossier and claims that they didn't are utter rubbish" See also "Spinning Out of Control."

Microsoft Word bytes Tony Blair in the butt - Microsoft hidden code shows that Blair aides 'sexed up' dossier: Glen Rangwala broke this story originally.

UK Soldiers fear they're acting illegally if Blair lied.

Doug Rokke
in Australia

Photo ©2003 Charlie Jenks

DU TOURS in US - July, Aug, Sept

A new national speaking tour with Doug Rokke on US use of 'depleted' uranium munitions - July 21st - Aug 7th and now Sept/Oct with West Coast dates. See Tour Update. Contact Sunny Miller to host Doug Rokke (413) 773-7427, to get copy of "Invisible War" for showing or to arrange a media interview.

Doug Rokke. Ph.D., Vietnam and Gulf War Vet and an expert on 'depleted uranium.' He headed the US Army's DU Project after the Gulf War, and advocates a ban on DU munitions. See more on DU below, and follow the links to in-depth resources.

July 4 - Visual Images and How We See the World

See the Norman Solomon Archives

June 19 - The Media Politics of Impeachment

Norman Solomon

Llew Smith,
Labour MP
U.S. Nuclear Policy and Depleted Uranium - Testimony by Leuren Moret at the June 28, 2003 Public Hearing for the International Criminal Tribunal for War Crimes in Afghanistan, at Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Also, hear Leuren Moret on WBAI's DU panel (with Sunny Miller and others) - Hear and download (45 min - mp3 file).
Brian Willson
Commentary with Resource Links
Robin Cook and Claire Short Iraq Testimony
Important to Remember
September 24, 2002
Tony Blair fueled hysteria about Iraq with claim that Iraq could deploy chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes. Bush praised 'Blair Dossier.' See MSNBC report , which refers to the Counter-Dossier and quotes Jeremy Corbyn. Was Blair push part of a coordinated effort to ratchet up support and fear in the US and UK?

"They want their life back." - letter from Baghdad
by Mary Trotoch aud Rick McDowell
(photo at left is file photo by Charlie Jenks)

Robert Fisk predicted guerrilla resistance in Iraq - "My Feeling Is That There Will Be a War - It May Already Have Begun - Against the Americans By the Iraqis" - Read about the seeds of resistance.

Rick McDowell has been to Iraq 16 times.
He remnded us of the Victims of War.

Interview with Iraqis who had been refugees in Saudi Arabia -
Laura Covello - with letter to UN High Commissioner for Refugees

David Keppel
General Strike - June 19th - Colombia
General Strike on 19th June - 'Do or Die' for Colombian Trade Unions Colombia's three union centres, the CUT, the CGTD and the CTC, have called an emergency general strike against privatisations. Hear also meeting with Jeremy Corbyn, MP on Coca Cola boycott and human rights violations in Colombia.
Glen Rangwala Analyses

The Lies That Led Us Into War...
with link to larger source article by Glen Rangwala

Quotes of Convenience- from US/UK Leaders on Likelihood of Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction. UK site. And, misleading references to findings of inspectors. UK site.

The Progress of the Pretext - on the need for independent verification of weapons claims in Iraq from UN inspections teams. See also - 'Counter-Dossier II' - 'peerless' analysis

Where are the WMD's?

How will US explain to famililes of the dead that US was wrong (or lied) about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction?

Mark F. McCarty wrote on this here on June 5th. See The 'Winnebagos of Death' ' - Just Another Scam? on 'suspected mobile bioweapons labs'

Now it's 'OFFICIAL' - Iraqi mobile labs had nothing to do with germ warfare, per British government report. Observer (UK)

A great set of links.

US Leaves tens of thousands of unexploeded Cluster Bombs

Marc Herold - 'Steel Rain' delivered by US/UK Airplanes: Cluster Bombs in Four Recent Military Campaigns. US has left 30-35,000 unexploded bomblets in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

'Depleted' Uranium

Dr. Asaf Durakovic

We've organized programs in 10 states with local hosts. To book Doug Rokke, contact Sunny Miller at 413-773-7427.

'depleted' uranium: US has used it despite warnings and impact on people and environment- Doug Rokke unveils history of lies and official neglect of its dangers

Hear Dr. Asaf Durakovic interview (see photo at left)
on depleted uranium.

Hear Doug Rokke's major talk (mp3) in Albany, NY

Afghan's Uranium Levels Spark Alert (BBC)

Compilation of DU Media Resources: with May 15 article on contamination in Iraq from US radioactive munitions (CS Monitor). See articles, interviews (mp3) and media list.

May 6 - TV's Lack of Coverage on DU and Cluster Bombs
May 2 - DU toxicity concerns Jefferson Proving Ground board

WBAI (NYC) Panel on DU Hear and download (45 min - mp3 file).

13 Representatives have co-sponsored HR 1483 - filed by Rep. Jim McDermott, it would require "studies on the health and environmental impact of depleted uranium (DU) munitions, as well as cleanup and mitigation of depleted uranium contamination at sites within the U.S. where DU has been used or produced." U.S House Members Contact Information Rep. McDermott sent to every member of the House the Doug Rokke interview by Sunny Miller, (published in YES!). Listen to original Tufts Univ. radio (mp3)

Ask media to cover the 'depleted' uranium story.

New from
Dai Williams

Key issues for UN uranium testing in Iraq (pdf file)
Hazards of Uranium Weapons (briefing for MP's - doc file)

What Weapons of Mass Destruction?

May 8 - George W. Bush’s war on Iraq was waged on a “bodyguard of lies.” Scott Ritter
Chasing Phantoms? Glen Rangwala
Iraq Weapons 'Intelligence Fiasco' - open letter to President Bush

Marc Herold on Iraqi Civilian Deaths

Comparing Iraq and Afghanistan
Widespread Carnage of US/UK Bombing

This War is Illegal under
International Law

Mar 28 - Illegal War - Robin Miller
"We are not liberating Iraq, we are destroying Iraq" -
Scott Ritter, interviewed by Vincent Browne on RTE1, Ireland. (RealAudio)
US Illegal Act - Joan Russow, Ph.D.
Editorial in The Independent
View from Australia

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