George Bush may go down in the annals of history as the best thing that ever happened to the Muslim Ummah. With the invasion and rapid occupation of Iraq, just one year after the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and with talk of further invasions into Syria, Iran, Egypt and Pakistan, it has become abundantly clear to the whole world that America intends to control all of the oil-rich Arab countries and furthermore, it believes this can be easily accomplished.

What has happened to the strength of the Arabs and their willingness to protect their lands?

Saudi Arabia is now permanent home to US military who protect the corrupt regime and driving this prosperous nation into economic dependency on the West.

Palestine is occupied and Zionists daily torture the Palestinian people they hold hostage in their own land which is a genocide backed by economic aid and military hardware received in overwhelming portions from America.

Afghanistan is now under American control, with Hamid Karzai, America’s choice for president of the poverty stricken country, unable to control the population from uprising as locals see their land still under foreign occupation.

Iraq is now occupied with its human and oil resources under control of America, and soon its citizens will be working in the oil fields for their American bosses as cheap labor. America has made no effort to hide the fact that it is in Iraq to stay once a Puppet government is installed.

Pakistan, the only so-called Muslim country with nuclear capability and one that is heading towards the implementation of Muslim Shariah law, is rife with US Special Forces and intelligence workers and recently has been rewarded for their role in assisting America in their “war on terrorism” with sanctions. Syria (home of Hezbollah), Iran, and Egypt are all on the list for “regime change”

The Arab world can no longer deny the occupation of their lands as isolated incidents; it is obvious the entire region is in the sightlines of American and British imperialists. Most important, these Western forces no longer even bother to cover up the fact that they consider the enemy to be Islam.

The Muslims have only themselves to blame for the current state of affairs. Compromising the religion, failing to muster the courage to topple the corrupt regimes within the Arab lands, being unwilling to stand up to the enemies of Islam, loving the comforts of this world all have contributed to the demise of one of the oldest and once most advanced civilizations. And at the core, a lack of unity has created this result and today this reality is visible for all to see.

The biggest lesson of Iraq is surely that regardless of the amount of forces, the overwhelming airpower and the indifference to non-combatants who are killed in the process means that no Arab country on its own can stop the American invasion of the Middle East. And that means the Arab world must drop its differences, rid itself of repressive regimes and unite together or they themselves will soon be living under American occupation.

This fact has not escape many others with interests in the region. After 911, the Bush administration had an alliance 152 countries strong to help it perpetrate its war on Afghanistan. This is no longer the case. The "Coalition of the Killing" in Iraq consisted of only three countries as the American agenda became clear to leaders around the world.

Russian, Germany and France are now grouping together to form a coalition of opposition to America's plunder of the oil rich lands. That means that there is an unprecedented opportunity for Muslims in the Arab lands to united together and trade with European countries, rather than America, which is viewed by both as a common threat. Furthermore, these European countries have much to offer the Arab world in military capability, technology and know-how that will be necessary to stop the New World Order.

The reality of the situation is crystal clear. The Arab world will not be able to stop the invasion of its lands unless it unites under a common goal and defends its lands now with a military force equal to that of the aggressor.

Osama bin Laden has called for Muslims across the world to set aside their differences in the "blessed obligation of Jihad” saying that "there is a danger when a difference of opinion results in a loss of unity and then there is an obligation on the remaining groups to remain united and keep to the course."

This 26-page address was allegedly obtained from Pakistan’s Islamic Centre for Studies and Research by Saudi-owned Al-Sharq Al Awsat and is said to be authored by Bin Laden. On further investigation, we believe the address is one that has circulate at least partially before, although only in Arabic however it appears some of this material is new. We advise our viewers that as always with bin Laden’s material, there is some controversy over whether he is in fact the authore. Either way, we present this article to our readers to emphasize its underlying message which is that Muslims must unite now and speak with one voice if the Arab lands are to be protected and if Islam is to survive.

Due to the length of this address, we are publishing it in two parts. Here is Part One, uncut and uncensored, as translated by Jihad Unspun translators.

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