White House Admits Iraq Uranium Claim Forged: President Bush's claim in his State of the Union address in January that Iraq tried to buy uranium from the African nation of Niger was based on forged information, the White House National Security Council said on Tuesday. More on this topic

Is Niger the smoking gun? Blair under fire as White House rejects British intelligence claiming Iraq tried to buy uranium.

Why Blair can't issue the Mother of All Apologies: From the moment that Mr and Mrs Blair dined with Bill and Hillary Clinton at the Pont de la Tour restaurant in 1997 and fell in love with the American presidency, the path to British compliance in the conquest of Iraq was inevitable. Britain under Mr Blair would follow Washington wherever its interventionist zeal might take it. A Must Read

Bush in the bush: Will he tell his Senegalese hosts that many of the descendants of those millions of slaves who started out in chains four hundred years ago, ended up in chains in 21st century America? A Must Read

The Other War: Over the past century, the American government has evolved into a marriage of global companies, the American political class, and the Pentagon, with corporations increasingly the dominant partner. The corporate state they are working to create is formally based on democratic rhetoric, constitutionalism, and free elections, but it is profoundly anti-democratic in practice. A Must Read

Confusion over Islamic Jihad bombing claim: Leaders of the organisation based in the Gaza strip said they knew nothing of the attack, and that they were still keeping to their 10-day old ceasefire

Big Brother Gets a Brain: The Pentagon's Plan for Tracking Everything That Moves. Not in the far-off, dystopian future. But here, and soon.

On Goree Island, Bush Visit Sparks Anger: Residents herded LIKE SLAVES away from Bush.

Bigger Than Watergate!: How To Rig An Election In The United States.

Liberian Troops Block US Military Mission: Gun-waving Liberian troops blocked a U.S. military team from entering a refugee camp on Tuesday.

Another 'Saddam' Tape Aired: "The American administration and their followers will be driven away, and may God curse them until doomsday"

Text of new 'Saddam broadcast'

Defense Lawyers In Guantanamo Trial Is Top Bush Aid: His appointment by US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to defend al-Qaeda suspects has already caused major disquiet among human rights groups and MPs.

US free to tap Hicks' calls: WASHINGTON has cleared the way to eavesdrop on private phone conversations between Australian Taliban fighter David Hicks and lawyers.

Eight U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq: This report is unconfirmed.

A Familiar War Scenario: It used to be that every time a U.S. soldier was killed in a traffic accident, it was a major news story. Now it's just "Another Marine got killed today."

White House Backs Off Claim on Iraqi Buy: White House Violates Goebble's rule: Never Admit a Lie.

The phoney war and the unanswered questions

The Insiders Are Coming Out: When an Imperial Presidency is guarded in Congress by political allies who hold the majority, it becomes almost completely unassailable.

Should Antiwar Activists Begin More Aggressive Non-Violence? A former CIA official says yes!

Three U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Separate Blasts: in an increasingly bloody guerrilla campaign against occupation forces in the Sunni Muslim heartland.

In Postwar Iraq, the Battle Widens: A growing number of military specialists, and some lawmakers, are voicing concern about trends in Iraq.

Grisly death enrages town in Iraq: The gruesome death of an Iraqi man whose head was shot off inflamed anti-American rage in the volatile town of

Liberian Says U.S. Backs His Enemies: He also added a surprising coda to his promise to step down, calling his exile a brief "cooling-off period" before a return to Liberian politics.