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6/26/03 UN agency says nuclear find indicates Baghdad did NOT restart weapons program

6/26/03 On Withdrawing from the State

6/26/03 I told you the RIAA plan to hack file sharer's computers was going to backlash on them.

6/26/03 "THEY DON'T STEAL ALL OF OUR CHICKENS" They don’t take all of our crops. They don’t steal all of our chickens. They always leave us enough to live on.

6/26/03 The Myth of Tiny, Little Israel: Zionist Tentacles Everywhere

6/26/03 White House, U.N. Differ on Iraq Finding

6/26/03 US jumped gun on weapons, says Blix

6/26/03 Right-wing rabbis are mobilizing against the international roadmap for peace which aims at a Palestinian state on what they say is part of Eretz Israel, the land the Bible says was given by God to the Jews. The only problem is that the Bible gave that land to the children of Abraham, which INCLUDES the Christians and the Muslims, who had not yet split off into separate identities at the time the old testament was written. In any event, in an age of space flight, computers, genetic engineering and nuclear power, I think we should have outgrown whacking each other on the head over whose mythological hallucination has the bigger gonads.

6/26/03 Microsoft doesn't have to include Java in Windows

6/26/03 George W. Bush misled the nation into war.

6/26/03 US TV networks 'kissed ass', says Wolff Michael Wolff, the media commentator and New York Magazine columnist, has accused American television networks of "kissing ass" in their coverage of the Iraq war in return for a relaxation of media ownership rules in the US.

6/26/03 Too Many Lies, Too Little Outrage

6/26/03 Case Closed "Rachel who?"

6/26/03 THE CASTOR BEANS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!! This latest effort to save Bush from his lies is exceeded in stupidity only by the mainstream media that reported it without question. NBC is reporting that a "stash" of castor beans has been uncovered in Iraq that "proves" Iraq was going to manufacture the poison Ricin.  Never mind that castor beans are used for a lot of purposes, including motor oil, medicines, soap, and paints. Never mind that Ricin makes a poor WMD because it must be ingested or delivered subcutaneously to work. The scope of this latest hoax betrays just how desperate Bush (and the media who continues to bow down before him) has become. And with this latest story, I believe we can safely conclude that the President, and the mainstream media, are definitely full of beans!

6/26/03 The House has voted to award the Congressional Gold Medal to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. More proof that Congress is complicit in the lies that started a war; the same House of Representatives that just voted to block further inquiry into Bush's lies sends a costly bauble to fellow liar Phony Tony Blair to make up for the inconvenience the DubyaMDs have caused.

6/26/03 The Naked Airport Scanner returns! I have an idea. Let's stop screwing around other people's countries and the terrorists will go home.

6/26/03 Zundel: Axis of Logic stands by the First Amendment.

6/26/03 Report stirs fears of privacy violations A report from the Terrorism Information Awareness program contains a major loophole that allows the government to data mine "everything under the sun" including medical and credit records, says the top Senate Democrat on privacy issues.

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6/26/03 Undermining Blix Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of defense, was so eager to see the United States launch a preemptive strike against Iraq in early 2002, that he ordered the CIA to investigate the past work of Hans Blix, the chief United Nations weapons inspector, who in February 2002, was asked to lead a team of U.N. weapons inspectors into Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction, in an attempt to undermine the scientist.

6/26/03 Israel: Germs, gas and A-bombs Fingers on all the buttons

6/26/03 Blair faces new row over Iraq's "DubyaMDs"

6/26/03 The Invisible The human cost of the 21st century's first war is already enormous. In addition to those who have died, staggering numbers have been detained around the world in violation of their human rights and international law. Paul Vallely investigates their fate, and asks whether this suspension of due process in the name of defending democracy can ever be justified

6/26/03 WHouse dismisses State Dept. review of Iraq trailers "Anyone who doesn't agree with is us a commie fag junkie anti-Semitic neo-maxi zoom dweebie!"

6/26/03 Canada still expects to balance books Ah, to have a fiscally responsible government!

6/26/03 Veil of Secrecy Around Village Hit in U.S. Raid On a desolate panorama of hardtack desert along the Syrian border here, the United States military has cordoned off part of this village, evicted five families whose houses were bombed six days ago and refused to say what is going on. (Are they burying more gas centrifuge parts under rose bushes?)

6/26/03 Torture, deportation and imprisonment without trial - tactics used in the 'war against terror'

6/26/03 Expect more casualties, warns Rumsfeld It's not like it's going to be anyone he knows personally.

6/26/03 Iraq oil to sail to U.S. ChevronTexaco gets contract for crude Admit it, you're not surprised, are you?

6/26/03 Teachers get preliminary OK to carry weapons But guns were banned from cockpits only a couple months before 9-11.

6/26/03 On tomorrow's menu: cloned steaks, and diners none the wiser In theory the plan is to find the animal that produces the tastiest and healthiest meat and make copies. The reality is that experimental cloned animals have DNA transcription errors and sicken and die prematurely. So, that clone-steak means you are eating a piece of a sick animal.

6/26/03 Sign was a joke -- but jail wasn't Choate ran afoul of a new Sacramento city ordinance that prohibits people in parades from carrying dangerous items or wearing a gas mask or other "filters" over the face.

6/26/03 We're Not Making This Up You can't talk back to the Office of Homeland Security.

6/26/03 Polynesians get free wireless web

6/26/03 George back with pledge: Anti-war cry will not fade

6/26/03 Pay no attention to Orwell, he was totally mad, don't you know! It's only a coincidence that our government looks and acts just like his! And anyone who thinks otherwise is double-plus-ungood!

6/26/03 The unofficial history of America™

6/26/03 US Senate leader says weapons of mass destruction not main cause of Iraq war Translation: Okay, we got caught lying. It's not like the slaves can actually do anything about it.

6/26/03 Bush's bogus war All governments shade the truth. Most resort to deception when the going gets tough. Saddam Hussein is gone and so is his regime. So who cares if George W. Bush fiddled with the facts on Iraq's banned-weapons programs and its reported links to al-Qaeda? I care. The Bush administration's dissembling about the invasion of Iraq and its self-delusion about the consequences are directly related to the disturbing events now unfolding there. All of us are likely to feel the effects as a confused, angry superpower grows ill at ease with its self-appointed role.

6/26/03 More than 8 million could lose overtime pay, says study by labor group

6/26/03 U.N. Panel Reports No al-Qaida-Iraq Ties Another lie exposed

6/26/03 Bush Won't Run on Drug-Use, Desertion, Failed-Business, DUI Platform in Next Election

6/26/03 Agency Disputes C.I.A. View of Trailers as Iraqi Weapons Labs The State Department concludes those trailers are NOT part of a bioweapons lab.

6/26/03 Reuters: State Dept. Unit Challenges Iraq Trailer Story The mainstream media is only about a month behind the internet on this story.

6/26/03 Expert Said to Tell Legislators He Was Pressed to Distort Some Evidence

6/26/03 Nestled In the Loving Armpit of Uncle Sam What I find most appalling are those comments that still favor the American invasion even in the aftermath of the revelation that Bush lied to justify the conquest.

6/26/03 Government Promulgates the Wackiest Conspiracy Theories The most bizarre conspiracy theories to date have coincidentally been the latest ones advanced by the same looneybin rejects that have hijacked our government.

6/26/03 Yes Virginia, there are government conspiracies

6/26/03 US plans for Iraq 'flawed' Aside from grabbing those oil wells, there really wasn't any plan at all.

6/26/03 IRS report confirms, rich are getting richer.

6/26/03 Escape from Microsoft Office In the old Soviet Union, anyone who bought a typewriter was required to type a sample document to give to the police so that documents typed on that machine could be identified in the future. Microsoft has gone one better, with secret codes in all office documents that allow them to be traced back to the source. Now, MS wants to legally own your documents for you.

6/26/03 Open Office. The FREE Office tools suite.

6/26/03 Everyone knows now, for sure, that something is very, very wrong. Speak now, or pay the biggest price

6/26/03 Congress Must Impeach George W. Bush For WMD Fraud And of Congress won't do it, then We The People must impeach the government.

6/26/03 BBC hits back in Iraq row I knew Campbell was making a mistake when he tried to blame the BBC for the Iraq WMD debacle.

6/26/03 Cool! Spy on your kids! Of course, this gizmo will be the FIRST thing that gets thrown away by whatever mental defect grabs your kid. It's like those Lojac systems that were popular for a while, until it was shown that they did not actually deter car thieves.

6/26/03 The "USA's Most Wanted" playing cards

6/26/03 Oh yeah, three flanges and a bearing from what had to be a several hundred acre facility prove Iraq was going to reactivate their nuclear program.

6/26/03 Saudi Student ‘Missing’ After FBI Arrest Being "disappeared" comes to America.

6/26/03 Weapons inspector: «Powell bluffed the UN» I must be smarter than the UN because Powell sure as hell didn't fool me.

6/26/03 A 3-page FBI document titled, "FBI Polygraph Procedures for Members of Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs)" may be downloaded here (12 kb PDF)


6/26/03 The memory Hole picks up on the video of George Bush doing nothing after being told of the second plane impact. This is longer, including previously unseen footage.

6/26/03 The Real Cost of US Support for Israel: $3 Trillion

6/26/03 So If This Was Your Daughter How Would You Feel ?

6/26/03 Israel's attack on the USS Liberty At the AFEI conference for Net Centric Operations 2003 on Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at Tysons Corner in Vienna, VA, Honorable John Stenbit, Assistant Secretary for Defense C3I, indicated that the Israelis made a very clear threat that if the US did not move the USS Liberty within 24 hours, they would sink it. His exact quote was: "The Israeli's told us 24 hours before that we had a ship called the Liberty, and if we didn't move it they would sink it. Unfortunately, the ship was not moved and by the time the message arrived the ship was taking on water." The agenda for the meeting can be found at http://www.afei.org/brochure/3af3/ .

6/26/03 Very Richest's Share of Income Grew Even Bigger, Data Show While YOU get stuck with the payments on the largest government debt in history.

6/26/03 Bangladesh may accord official recognition to the Jewish state of Israel in exchange for certain trade concessions from the United States. Wouldn't it be nice if the government of the United States was as worried about the people of America as it is about the people of Israel?

6/26/03 Where Are WMDs? Where's Congress? The longer Congress refuses to act, the more guilty they appear.

6/26/03 When Will House Republicans Call for Bush's Impeachment?

6/26/03 Wolfowitz Aimed to Undermine Blix So US Could Strike Iraq

6/26/03 WE DON'T CARE The clueless one checks in.

6/26/03 The story of gas centrifuges as a PDF file

6/26/03 Here's frickin' America for ya....

6/26/03 The House on Thursday rejected two attempts by Democratic lawmakers for additional inquiries into the handling of intelligence on Iraq's weapons programs. Note the spin. It's "Democrats" who want the inquiries, but it's the "house" ( as opposed to the GOP members of the house) that blocked them. There you have it. Congress is a willing participant in the lies that stared a war. When it is time for the hangings, take along extra rope.

6/26/03 Iraqi Oil Pipeline Ablaze After 3rd Blast in 4 Days Oddly enough, that Haifa pipeline seems immune to these attacks.

6/26/03 On a lie Where does it stop? Revelation after revelation of how a predesigned “framework” was laid down by the highest officials in Washington, and how all those below were made to tailor their work to that “framework,” keeps surfacing in the exhaustive post-Iraq war analysis.

6/26/03 How George W. Bush Won the 2004 Presidential Election Purging voter lists is just the beginning: the U.S. has embraced a form of electronic voting that is unreliable, unverifiable and funded by the radical Christian right. (ES&S has a long history of voting "irregularities").

6/26/03 Fiat Group plans to cut 12,300 jobs worldwide, close 12 factories

6/26/03 Byron York hoists on his own petard. Tries to use the fragments of junk found under a rosebush to dismiss charges that Bush lied about WMDs.


6/26/03 Read the last paragraph.




6/25/03 Flashback: Atomic agency challenges Bush's key claim against Iraq As long as we are on the issue of leftover parts being claimed to be proof of WMDs, I felt a reminder of the prior reliability of the claims made by the Bush administration was in order.

Here is an idea for a new TV show. From the producers of "Junkyard Wars", comes "Junkyard Weapons of Mass Destruction" in which government officials are given a box of old rusty parts and must build a convincing Iraqi weapon of mass destruction before the end of the show!

6/25/03 Campbell tries to pin the blame on the BBC. Sure. Go ahead. Piss off the media.

6/25/03 Syria protests against US strike Yeah, if the US invaded my country and shot up a bunch of my people, I would object too.

6/25/03 The fountains of lightning that rise in the sky A reminder that there are still amazing things left to be discovered in this world.

6/25/03 Distorted Intelligence? Hundreds of pages of confidential German law-enforcement records raise new questions about the Bush administration’s core evidence purporting to show solid links between Osama bin Laden’s terror network and Saddam Hussein’s regime.

6/25/03 Where is Saddam? Could he be in Hawaii? I THOUGHT the gardener looked familiar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay folks. Pay attention. This...

... is what the US Government says is a gas centrifuge used for processing nuclear fuel for reactors and warheads. It was found buried under a rosebush in Iraq, supposedly for 12 years.

And THIS...

Is an actual complete gas centrifuge facility in the United States, covering 750 acres. Doesn't look like something you could actually bury under a rose bush, does it?

There is a good reason for the size.

It takes HUNDREDS of gas centrifuges, shown above,  to produce even miniscule amounts of uranium 235. Facilities for producing uranium 235 for power reactors or weapons are therefore huge. A single gas centrifuge is useless except for laboratory experiments involving microscopic amounts of materials.



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6/25/03 Pathetic attempt by CNN to keep selling the threat of Iraqi WMDs with some 12 year-old bits and pieces. Saying these few parts make a WMD is like finding a couple screws and deciding that this is evidence of a car.

6/25/03 Campbell's dossier denials

6/25/03 The Road To Cover-up Is The Road To Ruin

6/25/03 This just HAS to be a Mossad front!

6/25/03 Columbia investigators concentrate on issues in NASA culture that may improve shuttle safety IF YOU KNOW THERE IS A PROBLEM, CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

6/25/03 BUSH MUST RECTIFY PEARL HARBOR SMEAR Bush will never admit that Pearl Harbor was started with a hoax by FDR, because that will cast even more doubt on 9-11.

6/25/03 Pressure grows on California governor Recall will likely be on the ballot., And there is an important lesson here. Kicking out rulers who do NOT do their proper job is the correct and natural thing for a free people to do. Certainly, lying to the public to start a war is NOT the President's job. And like Davis, Bush (and everyone who helped him lie) need to get the boot.

6/25/03 Pill 'may raise average life expectancy by 45 years' That ought to complicate the population problem.

6/25/03 US durable goods orders decline in May The slide continues

6/25/03 Peru heading for crisis as cabinet resigns By Mark Mulligan in Santiago Kicking out governments is becoming a fashion trend.

6/25/03 Man Who Sold Fake IDs to 9/11 Hijackers Allegedly Had Wider Terror Ties Once more we see confirmation that the 9-11 hijackers were using fake IDs, with identities stolen from Arab men. Therefore, once again it is proven that we do NOT know who committed 9-11, only who it was to be blamed on.

6/25/03 FBI Removes Counterintelligence Chief The FBI has abruptly reassigned the longtime head of its counterintelligence program in Los Angeles, the first local fallout from the espionage scandal involving a former agent and his Chinese American informant.

6/25/03 Should more UK troops be sent to Iraq?

6/25/03 CalPERS acts on investors' frustration

6/25/03 Dutch Airline KLM May Cut 1,500 More Jobs

6/25/03 Expert Said to Tell Legislators He Was Pressed to Distort Some Evidence A top State Department expert on chemical and biological weapons told Congressional committees in closed-door hearings last week that he had been pressed to tailor his analysis on Iraq and other matters to conform with the Bush administration's views, several Congressional officials said today.

Now, ask yourself if the Bush administration was pressuring other intelligence agencies to "tailor" their results in other recent events? Ask yourself if this is the reason that the FBI is investigating everyone in the Anthrax letters case EXCEPT the one man actually caught entering the lab where the Anthrax was kept. Ask yourself if this is the reason that the evidence linking arrested Israeli spies to 9-11 has been classified by the US Government. The above admission may have leaked out, but what else is being discussed behind those closed congressional doors that We The People are not being told? DEMAND OPEN HEARINGS! The lies of a President must not be protected by closed doors.

6/25/03 Pressure to 'distort' Iraq intelligence

6/25/03 Veteran neo-con advisor moves on Iran Michael A Ledeen, resident scholar in the Freedom Chair at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he works closely with the better-known former chairman of the Defense Policy Board, Richard Perle, has been a fixture of Washington's neo-conservative community for more than 20 years. But he is now out front, in a public campaign for the United States to confront Iran, warning that Tehran will cause Washington problems in both Iraq and Afghanistan and that "the mullahs are determined to obliterate Israel".

6/25/03 Incredible Shrinking WMDs Bush's story about Iraq's WMDs reminds me of the old TV series "Get Smart" and the gag where Maxwell Smart would scale back his claims until he found something that worked. (In a Don Adams voice) "Would you believe that right now at this very minute Saddam Hussein has nuclear warheads poised to strike us just 45 minutes from now!" "No, I would not believe that. " "No? Well, would you believe he's got ten thousand gallons of Anthrax held by terrorist cells already in this country?" "No, I wouldn't believe that either." "Oh. Well, would you believe he's got a couple pounds of really dirty laundry hidden in his closet?"

6/25/03 Eying lies It's not that the Bush administration couldn't handle the truth; it's that they didn't want to. That's called lying, and it is the behavior that got both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton impeached on much less weighty issues.

6/25/03 Australian troops show uranium sickness signs, claims expert

6/25/03 New law on terrorism raises spectre of agency abuse

6/25/03 Wolfowitz to be responsible for tribunals Gee, think those tribunals will have a certain "bias"?

6/25/03 Malayasia Advocating Switch To Euro Nobody likes the dollar, or the country it comes from, any more.

6/25/03 Administration has a credibility problem on war

The word is "lie". Not "credibility problem". Not "accuracy impairment". Not "intelligence of uncertain value". "Lie". Stop using those pussyfooting euphemisms and tell it like it is. Bush LIED. Cheney LIED. Powell LIED. Rice LIED. Rumsfeld LIED. Perle LIED. Wolfowitz LIED. Using any other word but "LIE" is just another attempt to minimize what has happened. The administration lied. All these people listed and many more all conspired, and yes that is the appropriate word, to lie to the American people and the world to initiate a war of conquest in which your children were killed or will come home with radiation poisoning. And they are getting ready to do it again in Iran and the ONLY thing that will stop them is if we stop mincing words, call them what they are, LIARS, and working from the fact that the Constitution does not explicitly authorize the government to lie to the people, we FIRE THE LIARS AND KICK THEM OUT OF OUR CAPITOL CITY.

6/25/03 Judge Quits, Calls Judicial System Unjust

6/25/03 Why the Real Name Is `Osama Bin London' Osama Bin Laden, is in fact a creation of U.S. and British intelligence services operating under the doctrine of Zbigniew Brzezinski, and his Trilateral Commission underling Samuel Huntington's theory of the "Clash of Civilizations."

6/25/03 Weasel wording becomes an Olympic event

6/25/03 The French playing card deck!

6/25/03 Spy planes grounded before Sept Don't want nobody peeking until the frame-up is ready!

6/25/03 Officials: Drones spotted Osama Then the flights were ordered STOPPED in the months leading up to 9-11.

6/25/03 Gibson's Jesus Pic Faces More Anti-Semitism Charges The ADL has apparently not learned any lessons from the $10 million court judgment against them for the LAST time they smeared someone as "anti-Semitic."

6/25/03 Hamas, Islamic Jihad Agree to Truce Sharon will never sit still for this.

6/25/03 Terror groups sign truce document - Palestinians Now all Sharon has to do is find a way to break it and blame someone else for it.

6/25/03 Israeli gunships launch new attack Wow! That was FAST, Ariel!

6/25/03 Choppers target car in Gaza

6/25/03 Ashcroft's secrecy I would say that a government that wants total secrecy for themselves while destroying the privacy rights of it's citizens is a totalitarian regime not an American government that follows the law of the land as spelled out in the constitution, without the strict adherence to the constitution there is no difference between the US and any other totalitarian country!

6/25/03 WMD, FCC & Tina There’s a reason big media has given Bush a pass on weapons of mass destruction, but it has to do with a Powell other than Colin.

The only way to get the media to tell the truth is to make them more afraid of the people than of the FCC. What do they most fear losing? MONEY! How do you attack the money? CALL THE COMPANIES THAT ADVERTISE ON THE NETWORKS THAT LIE AND STATE FLAT OUT YOU WILL NEVER BUY ANY PRODUCT ADVERTISED ON ANY NETWORK THAT COVERS-UP FOR A LYING GOVERNMENT.

6/25/03 STILL No Arabs On Flight 77

6/25/03 Americans naive to believe propaganda about Iraq Actually, the word "stupid" seems more appropriate.

6/25/03 U.S. Punishes People With Power, Water Cut-Offs: Iraqis

6/25/03 THE WMD CULT: Belief in Iraq's 'weapons of mass destruction' is a matter of faith – but even the true believers are having doubts

6/25/03 We can live with that

6/25/03 Injustice for all At trial, the state made a big point of having found a copy of the Declaration of Independence taped to the inside wall of the converted bus that served as the family's home...that this was evidence of the parents being antigovernment.

6/25/03 The Grand Deception - Part One

6/25/03 The Grand Deception - Part Two

6/25/03 Electronic Adolescent Watching Fox News is like watching an electronic adolescent that has appointed itself the strident, belligerent defender of the Bush administration and its foreign policy.

6/25/03 Patriots, don't let bully Bush slide on no-WMD war Those who remain silent on the lies used to start a war are cowards. Only those who speak out can be called brave.




6/24/03 Europe Takes Bite At Bush

6/24/03 Sudan hands over documents to Greek envoy to prove explosive company exists Sudan on Tuesday handed over documents to prove the existence of a company that imported hundreds of tons of explosives in a ship seized by Greece for suspected terrorist links.

6/24/03 Flashback: Iraq And Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Tony Blair's Statement To The House Of Commons 26,000 liters (at 3.78 liters to one US gal =6,878 US gal) Now where do you suppose they hid almost 6900 gals of anthrax spores.

6/24/03 The Bizarre Death of Jurgen Molleman

6/24/03 US Bombing of Afghanistan restores Trade in Narcotics


6/24/03 'Al Qaeda Itself Does Not Exist' Remember the Al Qaeda cell in Palestine that turned out to be a Mossad front? What of ALL the Al Qaeda cells are Mossad fronts? Including the one that did 9-11?

6/24/03 The Fact That Hussein's Gone Doesn't Make Lying Right


6/24/03 CIA and DOD Attempted To Plant WMD In Iraq A DOD whistleblower detail an attempt by a covert U.S. team to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The team was later killed by friendly fire due to CIA incompetence.

6/24/03 The Real Clash of Civilizations - Progressives versus the Neo-Cons


6/24/03 Affluent White Americans face McJob reality



6/24/03 Bush's Vietnam

6/24/03 Controlling the news - part 1

6/24/03 Controlling the news - part 2

6/24/03 Everyone knows now, for sure, that something is very, very wrong.

6/24/03 U.S. revises account of convoy strike Officials now say Syrians may not have fired on U.S. troops during chase

6/24/03 Dirty Tricks, Inc.:The DynCorp-Government Connection

6/24/03 Greenpeace Says "Frightening" Radioactivity in Iraqi Villages The spin is that the radiation is from looted nuclear materials, but this obscures the facts that the US has showered tons of depleted uranium all over Iraq both in Desert Storm 1 and the more recent war for the oil.

6/24/03 Okinawa governor demands U.S. troops leave

6/24/03 The Road to Cover-up Is the Road to Ruin

6/24/03 Jewish Immigration to Israel falls sharply More proof that Ariel Sharon's Israel does NOT represent the world's Jewish people.

6/24/03 The Invisible Protesters How the Media Campaigns for Bush

6/24/03 Embarrassed CIA Removes WMD Report

6/24/03 Bush: 'Matter of Time' for Osama, Saddam Right after we find those WMDs! Honest!

6/24/03 The Anti-Bush Campaign Kicks Off

6/24/03 Arutz Sheva attacks Haaretz

6/24/03 Political fallout over Iraq rattling US Not enough. Not yet.

6/24/03 Blair under fire as troops die in Iraq

6/24/03 The boycott against Caterpillar

6/24/03 US warns Texas of another LaGuardia incident

6/24/03 The LaGuardia Incident

6/24/03 WMD Damage Control at the Times - Many Presidents Have Lied, But This Time the Press Went Along for the Ride


6/24/03 CIA takes down Iraqi mobile weapons labs page as lie falls apart.

6/24/03 Hard times ahead for U.S. Army Two trenchant quotations were repeated through Army corridors of the Pentagon last week--one by an enlisted infantryman enduring hardships of occupation duty in Iraq and the other by a four-star general leaving the service after 38 years. Each was clearly unhappy with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Taken together, their comments signaled hard times ahead for the U.S. Army.

6/24/03 Saddam’s Secrets The scientists were supposed to hold the key to Iraq’s WMD. They still insist the weapons were destroyed

6/24/03 Mueller Reorganizes FBI Into Tool of Oppression

6/24/03 Blix: 'Weapons may not exist' Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix has said that Iraq left unanswered many questions about its unconventional weapons but this did not mean such dangerous arms still existed.

6/24/03 Poll: Majority Backs Use of Force in Iran Sample confined to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowitz, PNAC, and AIPAC members. There is no way this poll reflects real American opinion. I haven't met a single person around here that backs any more use of force anywhere.

6/24/03 Missing weapons do matter Again, the claimed poll in this article is totally at odds with the result obtained by talking to those around me.

6/24/03 Mayor's Office Attacked in Iraqi City Iraqi casualty may have been innocent bystander

6/24/03 Blix criticizes U.S. accusation on Iraq's weapons Chief U.N. inspector Hans Blix criticized the United States for insisting so vehemently that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and not producing the evidence.

6/24/03 Private funds will cover bulk of party conventions

6/24/03 Will today’s Pinocchio culture become the norm? When I began teaching at Duke, I was pleased to find that the university had an honor code exhorting students to promise they wouldn’t “lie, cheat or steal” in their academic endeavors. But now I regard the pledge as a quaint artifact. How can young people take seriously such a vow when everywhere they look they see successful grown-ups getting ahead by playing fast and loose with the truth?

6/24/03 Cheney raises money, and some ire More than 70 protesters yelled and jeered at Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday as he drove through town en route to a campaign fund-raiser at the home of Richard Egan, founder of Hopkinton-based EMC Corp. and the US ambassador to Ireland.

6/24/03 Under-fire Blair sees rating with voters plummet Now you know why the US media polls cannot be assumed accurate. An entire nation of people does NOT approve of being lied to, and will NOT support liars in high office. It is an insult to Americans to try to pretend otherwise.

6/24/03 Poll shows Blair is hurting Labour

6/24/03 U.S., British Forces Under Fire in Iraq U.S. and British forces came under fire in Iraq on Tuesday, as security around the country's vital oil pipelines was beefed up after several explosions blamed on sabotage

6/24/03 Looters set fire to my pants!

6/24/03 Protests Hit Bush on War, Taxes, Education

6/24/03 Israel plays the "God gambit" to claim ownership of the remaining Palestinian territories.

6/24/03 U.S. pullback in S. Korea also alarming to N. Korea

6/24/03 Belgium gives in to US on war crimes law Next election, we will see if the people of Belgium will vote to keep a government that bows down to war criminals.

Click for larger image

6/24/03 Straw stands by 'embarrassing' Iraq dossier Or, how to admit you lied, without looking like you admit you lied.

6/24/03 Secret wars We're in another Vietnam, so why not another Operation PHOENIX, right?

6/24/03 Bush Talks Terror War, Raises $4M in NYC The terror war is just a cover. Bush's real campaign platform is a kickback scheme, as in, "If you give me a few million, I'll cut your taxes even more so you get back three times as much!"

6/24/03 DARPA, PNAC and the Perfect Killing Machine

6/24/03 Meacher attacks US motives in Iraq Sacked environment minister Michael Meacher has joined the growing chorus of skepticism over Saddam Hussein's weapons programme, saying that the US president, George Bush, invaded Iraq because the US wanted a "political and military platform in the Middle East". Mr. Meacher, who left the government after six years service in the prime minister's reshuffle last week, told the Times in an interview that even if WMD existed, it could not threaten Europe or America. Instead, he claims the war was over "a need for oil and ... support for Israel".

6/24/03 Bringing Down a Tyrant

6/24/03 W in war cry at N.Y. bash Raising $4 million for his campaign just miles from Ground Zero, Bush did not explicitly mention the terror attacks - events that aides have insisted he will not politicize in his reelection drive. But other speakers repeatedly invoked Sept. 11, 2001, leaving little doubt that Republicans plan to weave the events of that day and the war on terror into the campaign.

6/24/03 Several thousand anti-Bush protestors show up in New York. Not mentioned much on the mainstream media, which is already busy trying to make you think that everyone around you wants to invade Iran.

6/24/03 FBI clings to policy of harassing whistleblowers

6/24/03 Israel sees a threat as hopes rise for ceasefire Israel always sees a threat if peace breaks out. But I am certain there will be a convenient bombing or a missile attack on civilians just in time to derail the ceasefire.

6/24/03 Terrorists possibly targeting Texas "Internet chat cites attack in July; energy facilities on alert." The only way someone about to attack a site in Texas is going to use the internet in this age of total surveillance is to manufacture a false trail to lay the blame somewhere else.

6/24/03 The Meaning of Rachel Corrie

6/24/03 Iraq and Al Qaeda: another lie unravels

6/24/03 BUSH'S WILLING EXECUTIONERS Today's version of the heroic Nathan Hale would fall to his knees, beg for mercy, and swear fealty to the British crown. A 21st century Patrick Henry would no doubt argue that homeland security trumps personal liberty. Benedict Arnold would make the rounds of the TV talk shows, lauded as an "heroic pragmatist." In a land of wimps, the dimwit is king--such is the dismal state of post-9/11 America.

6/24/03 CELEBRATE FREEDOM Two Cool Posters!

6/24/03 More on the Israeli spy scandal.

6/24/03 British troops killed in Iraq

6/24/03 Iraq and Al Qaeda: another lie unravels

6/24/03 Bush is repeating himself And will go on repeating until YOU stop him!

6/24/03 Why let facts get in way of a perfectly good war?

6/24/03 New Yorkers Protest against Bush's Iraq Policy Note where we have to go to read about this.

6/24/03 Al Qaeda suspect declared 'enemy combatant' The man pled not guilty and was about to have his day in court when the Department of Justice dropped all charges, and the accused was declared an "enemy combatant" (even though he was not captured in combat) and locked up incommunicado.

6/24/03 Natural Gas Crisis The Caspian Basin (the reason we fought a war in Afghanistan) turned out to be a bust.

6/24/03 US troops raid Baghdad theatre, seize 300 ageing machinegun "props"

6/24/03 Four Reasons to Impeach Bush

6/24/03 Why No Objection To Israel's WMD? The nation that attacked the USS Liberty, the nation that bombed American targets in Egypt and tried to pin the blame on Arabs, the nation that has invaded all of its neighbors, is the nation with the largest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

6/24/03 Sean Penn wins legal battle Wins suit against producer who fired him for speaking out against the war.

6/24/03 Israel violates Lebanese airspace

6/24/03 U.S. forces shoot Syrian border guards

6/24/03 Powell Draws Outlines of "New Middle East" We own AAALLLLLLLL this part!

6/24/03 STILL No Arabs On Flight 77 Gee shuckies, think we were lied to about who was really behind 9-11?

6/24/03 Us Versus Them: Some Lives Seem More Important in the War on Terror


6/24/03 25 anti-war protesters charged



6/23/03 US proconsul cancels municipal election in Iraq The cancellation of an election for the post of mayor in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf demonstrates once again that the Bush administration has no intention of allowing even the semblance of democracy in the country.

6/23/03 Troops handed 'Saddam letter' As Bush backs away from claims of Iraq's WMDs, the requisite distraction shows up right on queue

6/23/03 Postcards from the edge of madness

6/23/03 Bush appearance brings out protesters

6/23/03 Sure looks like one of them-there mobile beyeohlogikul wepuns labs to ME!!

6/23/03 America, we need to talk - seriously

6/23/03 Man 'made up' terror attack on NY

6/23/03 US attacked Convoy INSIDE SYRIA. Can you say "Act Of War"?

6/23/03 Spanish govt distorted intelligence before Iraq war: report Aznar may be in trouble.

6/23/03 Bush speechifying about corporate accountability.

6/23/03 The coalition in the dock!

6/23/03 Accused Bali bombing mastermind withdraws confession amid claims he was tortured.

6/23/03 Bush backtracks on Iraq's banned weapons President George W Bush has retreated from predictions that banned Iraqi weapons would be found, promising only to discover the "true extent" of Saddam Hussein's weapons programmes.


6/23/03 It's getting on to almost two years since the events of September 11, and it is striking how little we know about what happened:

6/23/03 More On The Dollar Don't be fooled and worse yet fool your audience into what direction the dollar is headed

6/23/03 George W. Bush Has Many Millionaires To Help Him

6/23/03 What You Can Do About Bush

6/23/03 Captured al-Qa'eda man was FBI spy Shades in 1993, and the FBI asset who was ordered NOT to stop the WTC bombing.

6/23/03 Could You Have Passed the 8th Grade in 1895? Our modern state-run schools are dumbing down the population into drones who will work but cannot think. Check yourself against 8th graders from 1895 and see how you do.

6/23/03 Venezuelan move to replace US$ with the €uro upsetting Washington more than Saddam's €uro conversion last November Worth a re-read in light of the following.

6/23/03 Radical Venezuelan Opposition Asks Army to Overthrow Chavez US tries to topple Venezuela, take TWO!

6/23/03 In perpetual wartime, truth is a perpetual casualty

6/23/03 The Internet under Surveillance

6/23/03 Letter to America

6/23/03 Conflict nears for U.S.-Syria Now I wonder whose idea that was?

6/23/03 Blast Hits Iraq-Syria Oil Pipeline Looks like that Haifa pipeline is the only safe one.

6/23/03 COLIN PLAYS DOWN IRAN CLASH Secretary of State Colin Powell said yesterday the United States was not preparing for "aggressive" action against Iran, despite concerns about its nuclear intentions.

6/23/03 Flashback 2002: Rumsfeld: No Plans to Invade Iraq

6/23/03 US agents provocateurs up the ante in Iran. Note how the same US that is shooting protestors in Iraq "hails" the Iranian protests as a "cry for freedom" (i.e.. they are going to use the "liberate" excuse for the invasion).

6/23/03 Loose Cannons Great collection of quotes about what is really going on.

6/23/03 BRITAIN: Blair's Iraq lies come back to haunt him

6/23/03 Slaughtergate "...there was a concerted effort during the fall of 2001 starting immediately after 9/11 to pin 9/11 and the terrorism problem on Saddam Hussein. ... Well, it came from the White House, it came from people around the White House. It came from all over. I got a call on 9/11. I was on CNN, and I got a call at my home saying, "You got to say this is connected. This is state-sponsored terrorism. This has to be connected to Saddam Hussein." I said, "But-I'm willing to say it but what's your evidence?" And I never got any evidence. And these were people who had-Middle East think tanks and people like this and it was a lot of pressure to connect this and there were a lot of assumptions made. But I never personally saw the evidence and didn't talk to anybody who had the evidence to make that connection." Mr. Russert, predictably, did not follow up on this astounding claim. . . . The import of these statements, however, is clear. General Clark was asked by the White House . . . to connect Saddam Hussein and Iraq to the attacks of September 11. . . . Millions of Americans believed in a connection that was completely and totally wrong. The Bush administration put forth a staggering array of lies and exaggerations, and the American media chose to repeat them ad nauseam instead of verifying the veracity of the claims.

6/23/03 "Okay, so we can't find Iraq's WMDs, but Saddam COULD have helped terrorists, and Saddam COULD have helped 9-11...." ... and Saddam COULD have flapped his arms and flown to the moon. Why would Saddam, who was many bad things but not crazy, do something like 9-11 knowing it would bring the wrath of the US down on him? Isn't it more likely that a third party did 9-11 and blamed it on Arab Muslims, to bring the wrath of the US (who has fallen for the same trick previously) down on the Arab world?

6/23/03 USA: WMD `evidence' investigated Washington has alternated between making public assurances that weapons of mass destruction will be found, and statements that there may have been “intelligence failures”. (Because nobody just wants to come out and say the boss LIED!)

6/23/03 Fighting the flames of fanaticism Note that the IDF does not treat the illegal settlers with the same degree of harshness as they treat the Palestinians, whose land they are all standing on.

6/23/03 Campbell to face WMD inquiry after all Blair throws another one to the wolves. Good thing there are more wolves.

6/23/03 2 Suspect Labs Could Have Produced Hydrogen

6/23/03 Afghanistan, Now Godforsaken US's campaign in Afghanistan obviously ended in a failure

6/23/03 What the President Knew 'America is pursuing future oil supplies with extreme vigor, so it is difficult, when you look at Iraq, which has the second biggest oil reserves in the world, not to think it was a factor. My view is that we went to war because America wanted to establish a political and military platform in the Middle East. It saw a need for oil, and of course it wished to support Israel.

6/23/03 Up Is Down, Black Is White, But Blood's Still Red I am angry, indeed stupefied, at how the President continues to lie, how easily the American people continue to swallow those lies, and how the Democrats fail to challenge them.

6/23/03 Hard times ahead for U.S. Army

6/23/03 Hard times ahead for U.S. Army

6/23/03 Trilateral Commission Clear in Directing World Government

6/23/03 Mankind's Tormentors: A Brief History of the International Bankers And the really incredible part is that they did it with counterfeit money!

6/23/03 Blair's Problem Could Fall Into Bush's Lap I think I stated about two weeks ago that Blair is Bush's "mine canary". If Blair goes down, Bush will know he is in trouble.

6/23/03 We will send them back the bodies of their soldiers The sidelining of Iraqis, both in creating a government and in running economic affairs, is pushing hatred of everything American to new heights.

6/23/03 An Iraqi 'quackmire' in the making

6/23/03 'Saddam' strike shows US desperation The reported American attack on a convoy thought to be carrying Saddam Hussein and/or his sons last week would have been legal only if there was substantial evidence indicating their presence, according to Amnesty International.

6/23/03 In Iraq, a battle for credibility As the US tries to stem armed attacks, it is also fighting a dangerous surge of rumors of alleged abuse by its forces.

6/23/03 'I just pulled the trigger' By their own admission these American soldiers have killed civilians without hesitation, shot wounded fighters and left others to die in agony.

6/23/03 Detainees abused, U.S. report confirms - Muslims beaten and threatened at Brooklyn jail

6/23/03 Australian troops suffering radiation sickness from DU rounds. So are the Americans, but the US Government won't admit it.

6/23/03 Australia refuses to test returning soldiers for exposure to DU

6/23/03 When the Pentagon proudly announced last week that more countries had agreed to send peacekeeping troops to Iraq, one fact drew little attention: US taxpayers will be paying a fair chunk of the bill.

6/23/03 Sharon defies United Nations: gives support to new settlements

6/23/03 List of UN Resolutions, most of which Sharon has defied.

6/23/03 Israel dismisses criticism over civilian deaths.

6/23/03 Following Ari's Footsteps Long-squelched grumblings about Fleischer are finally surfacing. Reporters complain about his propaganda-pushing, his relentless spin and his dogged refusal to say anything substantive. Asking Fleischer a follow-up question is about as useful as punching a wall.

6/23/03 US appeals court approves secret roundup of immigrants The Government can arrest you, hold you without charging you with a crime, and doesn't even have to admit they have you.

6/23/03 Say goodbye to the 40 hour work week. You knew this was coming after they killed time and a half overtime, right?

6/23/03 BUSH CLAIMS WMD's HAVE BEEN LOOTED Theory dismissed as "bizarre".

6/23/03 A Fate Sealed Under Secrecy

6/23/03 Ashcroft’s zealotry must be contained

6/23/03 The FCC's Strange Non-Profit This is starting to emerge as a gigantic kickback scheme. Here is what appears to be going on. Michael Powell, head of the FCC (and Colin Powell's son) sits on the board of directors for the Telecommunications Development Fund. The Telecommunications Development Fund gets its money from interest on deposits paid by large telecommunications companies that bid for licenses in spectrum auctions. The Telecommunications Development Fund spends as much of its money on executive salaries as it does to help telecom start-ups.

6/23/03 Housing prices start to plunge in London

6/23/03 Supreme Court upholds University of Mich. law school program that seeks 'critical mass' of minorities, but strikes down point system employed in undergraduate admissions

6/23/03 Time to get tough If the timetable for peace in the Middle East is allowed to slip, we should consider imposing economic sanctions and suspending arms deals with Israel, says Jenny Tonge

We should impose sanctions on Israel until it allows the exact same sort of weapons inspections that Israel cheered on for Iraq and Iran.

6/23/03 Now Bush wants to buy the complicity of aid workers Relief groups have been told they must be an "arm of the US government"

6/23/03 Germany's main Jewish organization said yesterday that it still supported "unreservedly" its deputy leader, a celebrity talk show host who is under investigation for alleged drug possession.

6/23/03 'Trailers not for WMD but for weather balloons'

6/23/03 Dollar-euro-oil equation What would happen to the US economy if OPEC decides to use euro, instead of dollar, to price oil?

6/23/03 America Is Not What It Was The global disapproval of George Bush Junior may have to do with the Bush's ‘Union Bank’ past, whose profits derived, ultimately, from laundering Thysson Industrial War Profits which were, in part derived from Nazi slave / death camp labor. Prescott Bush (George Bush Senior's father) received a massive payoff from German clients shortly after WW2 ended, and used the money to go into politics, and so began the Bush dynasty.

6/23/03 The Best Show in Town Well, they'll say, that's done to Arabs. They don't do this to Jews. Wrong. They certainly do this to Jews. Depends who the Jews are. I, for example, am a Jew. I have been attacked with tear gas five times so far. Once it was a special gas, and for a few moments I was afraid that I was going to choke to death.

6/23/03 ‘I’m Being Persecuted, Not Prosecuted’ A retired Saudi pilot who says he was falsely labeled a “terrorist” by Philippine immigration officials and has been unable to leave Manila for six months because of an airport hold order yesterday vowed to fight his case in court and clear his name and reputation.

6/23/03 Guess who's getting a slice of Iraqi pie? The fraud king, WorldCom

6/23/03 Gulf War Casualties and 'Depleted' Uranium: An Educational Campaign Providing Resources on Radioactive, Chemical and Biological Weapons

6/23/03 US forces change in Belgian war crimes law Stop calling our President a war criminal or we will KILL YOU!

6/23/03 U.S. Enlists More Countries in Iraq, at Taxpayers' Expense I guess you're not poor enough for Dubya yet.

6/23/03 Israel defies road-map and vows to build settlements

6/23/03 Don't draw that map yet of the new American Empire At the Council on Foreign Relations here recently, he reminded the audience that 5 to 6 percent of America's GDP is dependent upon foreign investment and 40 percent of its foreign debt is held by foreigners

6/23/03 In defense of elderly hippies The Justice Department doesn't seem to know when to stop

6/23/03 Jordan has encountered widespread unrest in wake of parliamentary elections charged with having been rigged.

6/23/03 U.S. forces attack convoy; shoot Syrian border guards; trying to identify dead and captured US backs away from claim Saddam was in the convoy.

6/23/03 Israel soldier made woman drink cleaning fluid Palestinian civilians have complained of hundreds of cases of abuse by soldiers at army checkpoints that have spread across Gaza and the West Bank since Palestinian militants began an uprising against occupation in September 2000.

6/23/03 Troops 'ain't coming home soon'

6/23/03 Save the world — remove a Bush, experts declare

6/23/03 MP attacked for Nazi comparison The best way not to be compared with a Nazi is to not act like one by attacking critics!

6/23/03 Iraqis curse 'silver bullet,' fear illness from radioactive contamination It isn't just the "silver bullets" (APFSDS anti-tank shells). The rounds used in the A-10 are also DU as are many smaller anti-tank munitions. And it isn't just the Iraqis who feel the effects. As reported in Australia (and still denied in the US) the soldiers are all coming home with various forms of radiation sickness. The families of soldiers who served in Desert Storm 1 are showing a higher incidence of birth defects than the general population.

6/23/03 Flashback May 2003: US supplied anthrax to Iraq United States Senate documents obtained from Washington by the badger provide evidence of a sinister link between the United States government and the regime of the fallen Iraqi dictator.

6/23/03 The Money Magnet The president will waltz into Manhattan today for another $2,000-a-plate fund-raiser, the latest stop on his fabulously successful dining-for-dollars tour. These are fun events at which the fat cats throw millions of dollars at the president to reinforce their already impenetrable ring of influence around the national government.

Forget about getting the President to see your "Fire the liar" signs. Target the DONORS. Let them know you hold them as accessories to the lies. Threaten boycotts of their corporations. Make and post list of the names of those who paid for the lies that killed out children.

6/23/03 New Chairman Initiates Examination of Fast-Growing Thrift Savings Plan Remember what happened to the Indian Trust Accounts and the Social Security Trust Fund.

6/23/03 Belgium caves, admits United States Officials ARE above the law.

6/23/03 Zionist Terrorism

6/23/03 Outting Ashcroft's Latest Hypocrisy



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