Facts worked By Liam Hulin
The Israel old and new war against Christians

The Zionist/Orthodox Attacks on Christianity

The Christian Right in America presents the support of Israel as necessary to the very survival of America and by extention the West:

Jerry Falwell- "Right at the very top of our priorities must be an
unswerving commitment and devotion to the State of Israel."

Pat Robertson- "The future of this Nation (U.S.) may be at stake, because
God will bless those that bless Israel."

Jimmy Swaggart- "God will bless those that bless Israel, and God will curse
those that curse Israel."

Mike Evans produced a television special- "Israel: America's Key to

This devotion is certaintly not mutual as the evidence below reveals:

In the Begining there Was Terrorism

St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem. On 3 Feb. 1944 three Jews were suprised
as they tried to set a bomb at the gate of St. George's Cathedral through
which the British High Commissioner would pass on his way to Sunday service.

French Catholic Ratisbonne School. On 20 Nov, 1947 Jews smashed the statue
of the Virgin Mary in the enclosure.

German Catholic Church of Jerusalem. On 16 Feb. 1948 Jews threw handgrenades
into the yard of the the church.

Dormito Abbey, Mt. Zion. Also on 16 Feb. 1948 a bomb was thrown by the
Haganah into the garden barely missing two fathers.

The War Against the Chrisatian Palestinians 1948-49

The Zionist attack on Christianity in Jerusalem:

In 1947 Christian Population of Palestine was 350,000. In 1948 the
Israelis grabbed 80% of Palestine and expelled 800,000 Muslim and Christian
Arabs. In 1969 the Christian population of Israel was less than 45,000.

Convent of St. George of the Greek Orthodox- occupied 14 May 1948; struck on
18 May by a mortar shell

Hospice "Notre Dame de France" of the Assumptionist Fathers- occupied 15 May
1948; used as a main base to attack Jerusalem. Large part of it was
destroyed by the occupation.

Convent of Reparatrice Sisters- occupied 15 May 1948; used in the attack on
Jerusalem. Set on fire and mostly destroyed.

French Hospital- occupied 15 May 1948 in defiance of the International Red
Cross and French flags flying over it.

Italian Hospital- occupied 15 May 1948 despite its being under the
protection of the Red Cross; used to shell Jerusalem.

Seminary of Ste. Anne was bombed on 17 & 19 May 1948 suffering heavy damage
and many of the refugees within were wounded.

Church of St. Constantin and Helena- struck by a bomb on 17 May 1948 the
fragments of which damaged the Church of the Holy Sepulcher next-door.

The Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate was hit with about one hundred mortar
bombs launched by the Zionists from the monastery of the Benedictine Fathers
on Mount Sion. These bombs also damaged St. Jacob's Convent, the Archangels
Convent and their churches, their two Elementary and Seminary schools along
with their libraries. 8 killed and 120 wounded.

The Apostolic Delegation (protected by the Holy See)- occupied 18 May 1948.

Monastery of the German Benedictine Fathers (Dormition)- occupied 18 May
1948; used as one of the main bases for the attack on Jerusalem.

The English School at Mount Sion- occupied 18 May 1948

Convent of St. John (Greek Orthodox)- occupied 18 May 1948; struck by a
mortar shell on 23 May 1948

St. Abraham convent struck by mortar fire on 23 May 1948

St. Spiridon convent struck by mortar fire on 23 May 1948

Convent of the Archangel (belonging to the Coptic Patriarchate) forming part
of the Holy Sepulcher struck by a mortar shell on 23 May 1948

The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate hit by mortar shells on 23 & 24 May 1948
wounding many refugees

Franciscan Convent (St. Saviour) near the Holy Sepulcher hit by mortar
shells on 19, 23, 24, & 28 May 1948- orphanage damaged; general secretariat
damaged; many nearby houses destroyed; many sheltering children killed and

Latin Patriarche hit by mortar shelling on 23, 26, 27 & 28 May 1948 damaging
the Patriarchal Palace, especially the Cathedral

Greek Catholic Patriarchate struck by mortar shells on 16 & 29 May 1948
damaging the building and wounding several people

Church of St. Mark (Syrian Orthodox)- struck by mortar shell killing the
monk Peter Saymy, secretary to the bishop, and wounding two others.

Zionists fired on Jerusalem from the Hebrew University, Hadassah Hospital
and from two synagogues located in the Old City.

Desecration in Peace: 1949-1967

On Mt. Zion in Jerusalem Israeli forces first seized then looted various
churches and convents. Gold and silver religious objects were taken and the
churches and convents turned into military posts. The soldiers desecrated
and vandalized the Armenian and Greek Orthodox cemeteries. Fourteen tombs of
Christian patriarchs were smashed open and their contents desecrated. In the
Greek Orthodox cemetery practically every tomb was smashed. Many graves were
dynamited or ripped open. Fragments of marble crosses, angles' wings and
inscriptions lie inextricably mixed with human skeletons and skulls,
blackened tree stumps, and the remains of rockets and shells.

"The Jews actually dragged the corpses out of the tombs and scattered the
coffins and remains of the dead all around the cemetery." The Very Reverend
Father Andres, Procurator-General in the Holy Land writing in 1968 of the
attack on the Catholic cemetery.

Churches were destroyed in Damound & Somata.

Christmas Day 1952 the Israeli army blew up the village of Ikret, whose
population was 100% Catholic. Its beautiful church was destroyed and the
population were scattered to other parts of Galilee.

October 1953 the Israeli army destroyed the Christian village of Kafr
Bur'om in Galilee. Its churches and schools were demolished and the
population scattered to various parts of Galilee.

16 April 1954 Zionist attack the cemetery of the Greek Catholic Community
in Haifa. Desecration was the point- they danced on the graves; they dug up
the remains destroying many tombs, 73 crosses and 50 statues of angles were

July 1954 Israeli fundamentalists attack a Christian religious procession
of the Carmelite Fathers and the Christian community of Haifa on Mt. Carmel
near Haifa. The procession was dispersed, many crosses were destroyed and
many Christians were injured.

12 July 1954, a Protestant Minister in Tiberias went to a house where some
families of Christian and Jews had gathered. a rabbi provoked Jews to riot
by spreading the rumor that many Jews were to be baptized in that house.
Hundreds of Jews gathered and attacked the house. The police were rushed to
disperse the mob, and it was only the presence of the police which saved the
Protestant Minister from being lynched.

July 1961 a Christian Fundamentalist missionary group in Jerusalem was
forced to cancel it services when attacked by stone-throwing Jewish
religious fanatics. They chanted "Eichmann! Eichmann!" and began tossing

10 January 1963 the Finnish Christian Mission School in Jerusalem is
attacked by seventy Jews, mostly Yeshiva students. They smashed windows and
beat Mr. Risto Santala, the school pastor. Further along the street the
plate glass windows of the Zion Mission shop run by Reverend William Hall
were smashed. All of this was the result of an editorial in the Jewish
newspaper Yediot Aharonot of 23 Dec. 1962 which accused the Christian
Mission of converting Jews to Christianity, and calling on Jews to
demonstrate outside the Finnish School.

Attacks on Christianity-- 1967 & After

The War:

Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem shelled by Israeli forces

Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem-

Israeli soldiers and youths throw stink bombs into the church

Israelis inappropriately dressed entered the church;

they smoked cigarettes;

they littered the church;

they brought dogs with them

Church of the Nativity suffered some of the same desecretions as the Holy

Israeli forces shot up the Episcopal Cathedral just as they had done in 1948

They smashed the Episcopal school for boys with their tanks

Israeli army wrecked and looted the YMCA

Israeli army wrecked the Lutheran Hospital, even though it was being used by the UN

The Lutheran center for cripples was also heavily damaged by the Israelis

In Ramallah (a Christian city near Jerusalem) the Episcopal school for girls was fired upon by Israeli forces and some of the girls were killed

The Reverend S.J. Mattar, warden of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, was
murdered in his home by Israeli soldiers- without cause according to
witnesses who were also fired upon.

The villages of Yalu, Beit Nuba and Emmaus were totally destroyed-


The Jewish writer Amos Kenan who was a soldier in the Israeli army gave this
account to the Jewish magazine Haolem Hazeh:

The unit commander told us that it had been decided to blow up three
villages in our sector; they were Beit-Nuba, Emmaus and Yalu. This was
explained by strategic, tactical and security considerations. At noon the
first bulldozer arrived and pulled down the first house at the edge of the
village. Within ten minutes the house was turned into rubble. The olive
trees and cypresses were all uprooted. After the destruction of the three
houses the first refugee column arrived from the direction of Ramallah. We
told them to go to Beit Sura. They told us that they were driven out
everywhere, forbidden to enter any village, that they were wandering like
this for four days, without food, without water, some dying on the road.
They asked to return to the village, and said we'd better kill them. Some
had a goat, a lamb, a donkey or a camel. A father ground wheat by hand to
feed his four children. On the horizon we could see the next group arriving.
The children cried. Some of our soldiers started to crying too. We went to
fetch them water. We stopped a car with a major, two captains and a woman.
We took a jerrican of water and distributed it to the refugees. We also
handed out cigarettes and candy. More soldiers burst out crying. We asked
the officers why are these refugees sent from one place to another and
driven out everywhere. They told us this was good for them. Let them go.
Moreover, said the officers, why do you care about the Arabs anyway. We
drove them out. they go on wandering in the south like lost cattle. The weak
die. In the evening we found out we had been deceived, for in Beit-Sura too,
bulldozers commenced destruction and they were forbidden to enter. We found
out that not only in our sector was the border straightened out for security
reasons but in all sectors. Our unit was outraged. At night we were ordered
to guard the bulldozers, but the unit was so enraged that no soldier was
willing to carry out such duties. None of us understood how Jews could
behave like this. the chickens and doves were buried in the rubble. the
fields were turned into wasteland in front of our eyes. The children who
went on crying on the road will be Fedayeen in 19 years, in the next round.
Thus have we lost on that day the victory.

After the War: 1967--

1972 Arson destroys the bookstore of the Baptist Church in Jerusalem. The
church suffers several attacks per year- usually window breaking. The
bookstore also is a favorite target for vandalism. The chapel had recently
been vandalized by a member of the ultra-right Kach movement.

1974 Two American Jewish girls attempt to set fire to the Baptist Church

1975 A grenade damages the Baptist Church. Slogans were painted on the
Church's property- a common practice in these attacks.

1978 Law against missionaries.

8 Oct. 1982 "Unknown persons" set fire to the Baptist Church in Jerusalem
destroying it. The adjacent church library suffered damage also.

23 Dec. 1982 "Unknown persons" drew swastikas on the entrances of two
churches in Jerusalem. They also tried to set the two churches on fire. In
addition to the swastikas the word "OUT" was painted on the entrance of the
Notre Dame Church- the second such desecration.

Dec. 1982 Meir Kahane's Kach group burned to the ground a Baptist church in Jerusalem.

23 May 1983 "Unknown persons" attacked a convent run by German nuns in
Jerusalem. Al-Fajr, a Jerusalem weekly, reported that this was just the
latest incident in a series of many anti-Christian incidents in Jerusalem.

June 1983 The Mother Superior and another nun of the Russian Orthodox Church
were stabbed to death by an American Jew. In mid-month men entered the
church and threatened the nuns. At another Russian Orthodox church, directly
across the street from Jerusalem's main police center, swastikas were
painted on the main entrance.

Nov. 1983 Father Fawzi Khoury of the Fassouta Roman Catholic Church was held
for weeks without charge.

25 Dec. 1983 A fire was started in the Hotel Nitzan in Tiberias on Christmas
Day. Jews claimed that the hotel is a center for missionary activity and
that various Christian sects are offering clothes, jewelry and sneakers to
Jews who would attend missionary lectures. The Jerusalem Post noted the
incident as one of many such actions harassing the group; meetings
interrupted and photos of the participants taken and sometimes published
later in anti-missionary tracts; windows smashed; stones tossed into
meetings; homes of members broken into; and converts are often harassed. The
owners closed the hotel and asked the group to leave. The anti-missionary
group Yad Le' Achim and a local yeshiva, Kolel Yad Rambam, seemed to the
instigators of the attacks.

Dec 1983 Explosives placed outside several Christian and Muslim religious
institutions in Jerusalem injured a number of people.

5 Jan. 1984 "Unknown persons" set fire to the Messianic Assemblies Church in
Jerusalem-- the latest of a number of arsons and bombings against Christian
and Muslim targets. The church's address had been placed on copies of
Biblical literature later distributed in Orthodox Jewish circles. The church
had nothing to do with the literature to which its name had been affixed.

15 Jan. 1984 At the Russian Orthodox convent Ain Karem an Israeli army issue
hand grenade exploded as a nun opened her door. The door was blown to pieces
but the nun eluded death by ducking around a corner just before the grenade
exploded. Israeli police point to the terror group Terror Against Terror
group held responsible for at least 14 such bomb attacks throughout the West

Jan. 1984 Plans to build a Christian hotel near Bethlehem were scrapped by
the Jewish municipality which refused to issue a building permit.

After the fire meetings are held in tent like structures.

Their rebuilding plan is approved by Mayor Teddy Kollek but in the fall the
district planning commission decided to allow only the building of a
structure similar to the congregation's original 60 seat chapel built in

The Church filed suit in Israel's High Court.

Yad Le' Achim organized protests against the rebuilding plans. an unnamed
ultraconservative Orthodox Jewish leader told the Jerusalem Post that his
political party would withdraw from the municipal coalition if approval were

The High Court in mid 1985 asked the Baptist congregation to leave the area
before it builds a new sanctuary. the court said it would not rule on the
church's suit for two months. The delay is designed to give the congregation
and the Baptist Convention of Israel time to consider trading the church
property for another site in Jerusalem. Lawyers for the church have
recommended that the Baptists move on condition the church's building will
be approved as submitted.

23 Jan. 1985 Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest opposite the Baptist Church against
plans to rebuild the burnt-out church. The signs read: "Get Out," "We don't
want a missionary center here." One demonstrator said: The Church disrupts
the Shabbat peace and lowers the quality of life in our quiet residential

13 Apr. 1985 Members of the Assyrian community (the oldest Christian
community in Jerusalem), led by their archbishop, were walking to their
quarter of the Old City on the occasion of Holy Fire when they were
bombarded with hot water and rocks by a Jewish family from their home. This
was the fifth time an Assyrian procession had been attacked during Christian
holidays. several Assyrian youths ran into the building to search for the
family's apartment. They were met by Jewish residents aiming cocked
submachine guns at them. Israeli police with the procession fired into the
air to prevent the youths from being gunned down. The Jerusalem Post
reported that the attackers were newly converted Orthodox Jews from America.
Israeli police were more interested in ascertaining the identities of the
Assyrian youths who rushed into the building than in those who attacked the
procession. The Jewish neighborhood in the vicinity of the Assyrian convent
is all Assyrian property confiscated after 1967 to build the Jewish quarter.

Aug. 1986 Grenade thrown at an Arab family's house.

Oct. 1986 An Arab school was broken into and racist slogans painted on the

12 Apr. 1987 "Unknown persons" set fire to St. Savior's Episcopal Church in
Akka. The arsonists also painted racists slogans in Hebrew on the church
walls: "Kahane the Great," "Get Out Christians and Muslims, " and Death to
the Pope." The statement of the church:

"No doubt this event . . . took place in the absence of any deterring force
to stop such racial and undesirable acts. this aggression is an aggression
against spiritual values, against freedom of worship, and against

1988 In Gaza, 18-year old Kader Tarazi, on his way to but groceries was
caught in a crowd fleeing Israeli soldiers. He ducked into the house of a
friend but the soldiers dragged him out. While beating him they demanded to
know his religion. when he replied "Christian" the soldiers spread him
cruciform on the hood of a jeep and beat him on the head. Then they drove
him around the streets of Gaza for hours as an example. He died from the

Statement of the Heads of the Christian Community in Jerusalem

We, the heads of the Christian communities in the Holy City, have met
together in view of the grave situation prevailing in Jerusalem and the
whole of our country.

It is our Christian conviction that as spiritual leaders we have an urgent
duty to follow up the developments in this situation and to make known to
the world the conditions of life of our people here in the Holy Land.

In Jerusalem, on the West Bank and in Gaza, our people experience in their
daily lives constant deprivation of their fundamental rights because on
arbitrary actions deliberately taken by the authorities. Our people are
often subject to unprovoked harassment and hardship.

We are particularly concerned by the tragic and unnecessary loss of
Palestinian lives, especially among minors. Unarmed and innocent people are
being killed by the unwarranted use of firearms and hundreds are wounded by
the excessive use of force.

We protest against the frequent shooting incidents in the vicinity of Holy

We also condemn the practice of mass administrative arrests and of
continuing detention of adults and minors without trial.

We further condemn the use of all forms of collective punishment, including
the demolition of homes and depriving whole communities of basic services
such as water and electricity.

We appeal to the world community to support our demand for the reopening of
schools and universities, closed for the past sixteen months, so that
thousands of our children can enjoy again their basic right to education.

We demand that the authorities respect the rights of believers to enjoy free
access to all places of worship on the Holy Days of all religions.

We affirm our human solidarity and sympathy with al who are suffering and
oppressed; we pray for the return of peace based on justice to Jerusalem and
the Holy Land; and we request the international community and the United
Nations Organization to give urgent attention to the plight of the
Palestinian people and to work for a speedy and just resolution of the
Palestinian problem.

Signed 27 April 1989 by: H.B. Diodoros (Greek Orthodox Patriarch); H.B.
Michel Sabbah (Latin Patriarch); Bishop Samir Kafity (Episcopal Church);
Archbishop Lufti Laham (Greek Catholic Patriarchate); H.B. Yeghishe
Derderian (Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate); Bishop Naim Nassar (Evangelical
Luthern Church in Jordan); H.B. Basilios (Coptic Orthodox Patriarche);
Archbishop Dionysios Behnam Jijjawi (Syrian Orthodox Patriarchal Vicar);
Most Rev. Father Cechitelli (O.F.M.) (Cusios of the Holy Land).

22 May 1995 An Israeli soldier sprayed the inside of St. Anthony's church in
Jaffa with automatic weapon fire. Seven people were injured outside the
church in clashes between police and Arab residents. The gunman fired
hundreds of bullets with an M-16 assault weapon and threw several concussion
grenades. When he began firing those inside fled and no one was injured.
However, paintings, statues, pews and walls were heavily damaged or

Christian Symbols Under Attack:

"Dishonoring Christian religious symbols is an old religious duty in
Judaism. Spitting on the cross, and especially on the Crucifix, and spitting
when a Jew passes a church, have been obligatory from around AD 200 for
pious Jews. In the past, when the danger of anti-Semitic hostility was a
real one, the pious Jews were commanded by their rabbis either to spit so
that the reason for doing so would be unknown, or to spit onto their chests,
not actually on the cross or openly before the church. The increasing
strength of the Jewish state has caused these customs to become more open
again but there should be no mistake: The spitting on the cross for converts
from Christianity to Judaism, organized in Kibbutz Sa'ad and financed by the
Israeli government is an act of traditional Jewish piety. It does not cease
to be barbaric, horrifying and wicked because of this! On the contrary, it
is worse because it is so traditional, and much more dangerous as well, just
as the renewed anti-Semitism of the Nazis was dangerous, because in part, it
played on the traditional anti-Semitic past.

This barbarous attitude of contempt and hate for Christian symbols has grown
in Israel. In the 1950s Israel issued a series of stamps representing
pictures of Israeli cities. In the picture of Nazareth, there was a church
and on its top a cross-- almost invisible, perhaps the size of a millimeter.
Nevertheless, the religious parties, supported by many on the Zionist "left"
made a scandal and the stamps were quickly withdrawn and replaced by an
almost identical series from which the microscopic cross was withdrawn.

Then there was the long-drawn-out battle about Christian influence in
elementary arithmetic. Pious Jews object to the international plus sign for
it is a cross, and it may in their opinion, influence little children to
convert to Christianity, Another "explanation" holds: it would then be
difficult to "educate" them to spit on the cross, if they become used to it
in their arithmetic exercises. Until the early 1970s two different sets of
arithmetic books were used in Israel. One for the secular schools, employing
the inverted "T" sign. In the early 70s the religious fanatics "converted"
the Labour Party to the great danger of the cross in arithmetic, and from
that time, in all Hebrew elementary schools (and now many high schools as
well) the international plus sign has been forbidden.

Similar development is visible in other areas of education> Teaching the New
Testament was always forbidden, but in the old times conscientious teachers
of history used to circumvent the prohibition, by organizing seminars or
sending the students to libraries (not the school libraries, of course).
About 10 years ago there was a wave of denouncing such teachers. One in
Jerusalem was almost sacked, for advising her history pupils, who were
studying the history of Jews in Palestine around 30-40 AD, that it would be
a god thing if they would read a few chapters of the New Testament as a
historical aid. She retained her post only after humbly promising not to do
this again.

However, in recent years, anti-Christian feelings are literally exploding in
Israel (and among the Israel-worshipping Jews in Diaspora too) together with
the increase of the Jewish fanaticism in all other areas.

The worse enemies of the truth here, as in many other aspects of the Israel
reality, are the socialist, "liberals," "radicals," etc. in the USA. Imagine
the reaction of the US Liberals, and of such papers as The Nation and New
York Review of Books, not to mention The New York Times if in any state
whatsoever, the government financed spitting on the Star of David? But when
here in Israel, the government finances the spitting on a cross, they are
and will continue to be, quite silent. More than this, they help to finance
it. United States taxpayers, who are of course mostly Christians, are
financing at least half the Israeli budget, one way or another, and
therefore the spitting on the cross too."

Statement by Israel Shahak,


1967- The Tourism Ministry begins its policy of granting guide licenses only to Jewish Israelis.

1978- Israeli Government now requires all tour groups to be accompanied by a licensed guide.

Result- The movement and experiences of Christian pilgrims are now closely
controlled by Jewish Israeli guides. These guides use this control to
propagandize subordinating Christian history to Jewish history. Tour groups
stay in West Jerusalem and are advised to stay clear of the Christian
Palestinians of East Jerusalem because they are "terrorists." Denying
Christian Palestinians tour guide licenses also aids in the destabilization
of the Palestinian economy. Guiding pilgrims has been a traditional
occupation among the native Christians in the Holy Land for centuries.

This compilation was made possible by the monumental work of Issa Nakhleh
and published in his two volume work Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem.

See also the statements of the different relgious leaders on:

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