Okay folks. Pay attention. This...


... is what the US Government says is a gas centrifuge used for processing nuclear fuel for reactors and warheads. It was found buried under a rosebush in Iraq, supposedly for 12 years. (Saying these few parts make a WMD is like finding a couple screws and deciding that this is evidence of a car. )

And THIS...


Is an actual complete gas centrifuge facility in the United States, covering 750 acres. Doesn't look like something you could actually bury under a rose bush, does it?

There is a good reason for the size.


It takes HUNDREDS of gas centrifuges, shown above,  to produce even miniscule amounts of uranium 235. Facilities for producing uranium 235 for power reactors or weapons are therefore huge. A single gas centrifuge is useless except for laboratory experiments involving microscopic amounts of materials.


 posted on the
 What Really Happened website (6-25-03)