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"Mandela fest" lionizes a lifelong subversive

On July 18th, world leaders and the controlled news media helped Nelson Mandela celebrate his 85th birthday, while totally ignoring his deep-rooted ties to the international Communist conspiracy. Mandela, "loved by all," turns 85 "They adore him like a favorite uncle, idolize him like a rock star and revere him like a religious icon." "Mandela, a watchman"  "Johannesburg - Tributes poured in on Friday as former South African president Nelson Mandela celebrated his 85th birthday." Mandela mania "Former US president Bill Clinton has praised Nelson Mandela, saying he has given the world many gifts."  (Real News 24/7: A page of unbridled adulation; many links of boundless, effusive praise. Disgusting, but quite telling as to the truly unconceivable dimensions of the worldwide "Saint Nelson Mandela" delusion.)

(The above left photo shows Mandela flashing the Communist clinched-fist salute after his release from prison in 1990, flanked by then-wife Winnie and the late Joe Slovo, KGB colonel and South African Communist Party leader, in front of the Soviet flag.  The New York Times [to cite one example] carried a photo of this event, but Mandela wasn't shown giving the salute, the flag was cropped out and no mention was made of the Communists in attendance. Above right photo shows him in the same pose.  On the right, Mandela greets Cuba's Communist dictator Fidel Castro like a long lost brother or, should we say, long lost comrade.)

From Marx to Mandela "The media have conveniently forgotten that Mandela was a hard-core Communist. He drank deeply at the well of anti-American Communist theory, and it has never left his system." (Real News 24/7: The writer of this piece, which came out in February, mentions Mandela's "apologetics for Saddam Hussein" and his claim that Iraq had no WMDs. We need to be distinguish between what, in the latter, happened to turn out to be true [actually, he based this principally on what he heard, such as former U.N. weapons Scott Ritter and the non-findings of Han Blix's U.N. inspection team] and Mandela's rabidly anti-American, fanatical backing of radical socialists [like Saddam].)  The Mandela Files  "The aim is to change the present world into a Communist world where there will be no exploiters and no exploited, no oppressor and oppressed, no rich and no poor. "—Nelson Mandela (emphasis added) Mandela—the "Great Statesman" "We live in a capitalist country and the chief task of our Party is to destroy Capitalism and replace it with Socialism." (emphasis added—from Nelson Mandela's "How to be a good Communist")

African National Congress The homepage of Mandela's ANC has some revealing links. The left menu includes listings for SACP and COSATU, which stand for the South African Communist Party and the Communist-dominated Congress of South African Trade Unions, respectively. Interestingly, the Communist Party's homepage states: "The SACP is a partner in the Tripartite Alliance consisting of the African National Congress and the Congress of South African Trade Unions" and the COSATU's homepage has a similar statement; the ANC stands alone of the three in not proudly boasting of its connection with the other two (one must click on links to discover it).

Terror in South Africa Winnie Mandela once said that the ANC and its allies would "liberate" South Africa with "necklaces," by which she meant a hideously cruel form of execution. The website linked to here is one that has graphic photos of this practice, plus pages with equally disturbing photos of criminal brutality from the thugs of  Robert Mugabe (Mandela's Communist counterpart in Zimbabwe) and revolutionaries elsewhere in Africa. Be forewarned, these photographs are not for the faint of heart. Not recommended for children under 16. Other pages on the website are also of interest, such as the overview "Russians and Communists in South Africa," which clearly shows the SACP to be made up of Soviet operatives.  Mandela addresses a South African Communist Party rally The South African government banned the SACP in 1950 under the Suppression of Communism Act. When this ban was lifted forty years later, Mandela helped the Party celebrate the occasion, addressing them as "comrades" (the customary  term of solidarity between Communists) and declared

To us as a democratic movement, the lesson of our history is very clear. It is what the peoples of Europe learnt during the turbulent decade of the 1930s, when fascism began its assault on democracy by launching a violent offensive against the Communists.

It is the same lesson that the people of the United States learnt during the decade of the nineteen fifties, when the forces of Macarthyism [sic] launched an assault aimed at undermining the democratic heritage of the American people, by conducting a virulent offensive against Communist and left opinion.

Nelson Mandela pays tribute to comrades "He  spoke with passion, humility and humour about his comrades Ruth First and Joe Slovo, the struggle against racism and how he gave away a £250,000 donation from Margaret Thatcher to the South African Communist Party."

The true political identity of current South African President and Mandela successor and clone Thabo Mbeki (left) is also carefully shielded by the lying media. In 1999, The New American's "Insider Report" noted:

Thabo Mbeki, now first deputy president of South Africa, is expected to be the next South African president after Nelson Mandela steps down following the June 2nd elections. Mbeki, once the globe-trotting envoy of the terrorist African National Congress (ANC), was also a member of the South African Communist Party. But that has not kept the opinion cartel from giving him a 'moderate' image. (See under Mandela Replacement.)

 Mbeki addresses the 10th Congress of the South African Communist Party In 1998 Thabo Mbeki, then-president of the African National Congress spoke before the SACP, where he referred to the delegates as "comrades" and declared "I am certain that at the close of this congress we will emerge with a strong and united SACP, ready to contribute fully to the strengthening of the Alliance as a whole."

7-20-03 Hell in Zimbabwe Mugabe threatens U.S., British descendants "President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has warned Britain and the United States that their descendants living in the country 'will be the first to die' if the two countries launch an attack, a newspaper said today."  Mugabe grooms ruthless successor "'Robert [Mugabe] is a bit like Macbeth. He’s haunted by the number of people he has killed. He is terrified of going on trial somewhere and being remembered not as a hero, but as a monster,' the source said. 'He knows that Emmerson Mnangagwa is a safe pair of hands because they’re as bloody as his own.'" (Real News 24/7: That's ruthless as in "brutal," "inhuman," "monstrous," "devilish," etc. But behind these adjectives there is a unspeakable reality. Anatomy of Terror brings that reality into nightmarish focus. This is the handiwork of Mugabe, Mnangagwa and their cohorts.  Be forewarned, these photographs are not for the faint of heart. Not recommended for children under 16.)